22, 12, 2014

Madrid: Things To Do

Hola chicas, estoy de vuelta!! Me echasteis de menos? If you follow me on instagram or twitter you’d know I went on a short adventure to Madrid (and around), Spain. Since it’s still fresh in my head I can tell you it was one of the most amazing experience I’ve in a long time! Going to Spain was important to me since I’m 1/4 Spanish, so seeing another part of my roots was a blessing. I saw a lot of life, a lot of food, a lot of beauty – and not only did I see a lot of joy but I heard a lot of it too. Ahh— all I can say is I’m totally in love. Madrid really made me appreciate life and to take it one day at a time. As I’m back home now, I hope I can continue to live a colourful life just as the Spaniards do. If you’re making a trip to Madrid, here’s a few things you need to see or do.

I absolutely fell in love with Madrid! Have you ever been there? If so, I’d love to know what your favourite places were there!

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  2. flirtyng says:

    Nice shots! I’ve been there before but just for a few days, I definitely wanna go there again. So did you learn Spanish there?

  3. Beauticologist says:

    I was there in january for a few days. Really liked Madrid! Great for shopping too lol 😀

  4. Nerdy Maria says:

    I can tell why you fell in love with the city! I’m hoping to visit soon. It’s very high on my wishlist 🙂 Also, I love how you wrote this post! It’s so cool 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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