16, 03, 2015

Missha Haul

Recently I had a shopping date with my mama, and we went to one of the biggest malls to ever carry Asian products. I was so surprised to see how many Korean makeup and skincare brands have their very own store now here in Toronto. I spotted Holika Holika, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Etude House, and where I splurged just a bit – Missha. I have never tried Missha products before but I thought now was my chance since there was a sale happening on all products in the store. I didn’t purchase any skincare, which Koreans are well know for, but I did pick up a few essentials.

Cleansing Pad
So I saw this floating around in a ton of Asian stores, and even when I was in Japan a few years ago this was available almost everywhere. I have never used a cleansing pad in my life but I hear really good things. It’s a silicone pad that helps to gently unclog pores and exfoliate your skin. I tried it out and I must say it really does a lot more than using your plain ol’ hands to wash your face.

Powder & Cheek Flat Brush
Surprisingly enough I don’t own one of these in my makeup brush collection. I like to contour my face with bronzer so it only made sense to get this since I’ve been looking for a sharper brush to go along the hallows of my cheeks. I also love how small and travel friendly this brush is.

Wooden Cushion Hair Brush
I thought it was time to get a new hair brush, and this one caught my eye. If you don’t own a wooden brush then you need to get one – especially for those who have long hair since these types of brushes are kinder to your scalp and it’s blood circulation. Other brushes can tung on your hair which can lead to damage or breakage. Wooden brushes are the way to go.

7 Days Tinted Eyebrow – Sinopia Brown
This one intrigued me since I have never heard or seen such a product. I tried it out and after one face wash the dark application disappeared and left me with nicely tinted brows (the photo is before washing). Since the box was all Korean I had to read up online how to use it properly. So the best way is to apply this right after washing your face (since there’s no oil being produced on the skin yet); then in the evening after you wash again you can do any needed touch-ups. I will definitely be playing around with this more, but so far I love the way it tints my brows.

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  1. […] Missha 7 Days Tinted Eyebrow | Sinopia Brown This has saved me sooo much time getting ready every morning. It kind of works like a self-tanner where it leaves a tint to your brows for up to 7 days. It makes it look as if my brows are naturally thicker than they really are. So when I’m not feeling a strong brow like I normally do, this alone is good enough on it’s own. (See swatches here.) […]

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