08, 09, 2014

Montréal Summah

It’s nothing new for Canadians to make a quick escape to Montréal in the summertime. This easy getaway never disappoints either! Let’s face it, Montréal is amazing and the culture is like no other in Canada. With so many European influences how can you not fall in love!?

This weekend was all about family, friends, the scenery of Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal), and of course we can’t forget about the food! With an ongoing birthday celebration (who said your birthday can’t be extended for 4 days straight?), there were many delicious decisions and many sangria nights :]

Don’t know where to start on these bad boys…

Really feeling far from home in a good way!

Don’t see too much of this back home…needed a photo op

Street artist at work – tracing his steps

Enjoying the open space

Nothing is better than patio time!

Ñam ñam time at Tapas24

My go to place every time I’m here!

Are there any places you like to go on Montréal? Do tell!

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