07, 04, 2015

Most Loved Clutches

I was recently getting my closest ready for the spring and summer, and if you’re a person who generally has a lot of clothes and accessories you might just forget what you actually have in there until you start to organize everything. I usually only grab for my clutches if I’m going somewhere quick and that doesn’t require too much stuff to bring, or when I’m planning to make it a night out. I have enough clutches to keep me happy and that fit my needs, but these four are the ones I gravitate to the most.

The brown zipper clutch from Dailylook is my most loved of all since it matches my persona and easily goes from day to night. In general I’m just a junkie when it comes to brown or tan accessories/bags. Another Dailylook favourite is my soft black faux leather clutch. This one comes with a strap that’s long enough to be a cross-body so whenever I’m unsure of the occasion or where I’m going this one’s perfect to grab for.

The newest one in my collection this is large light beige clutch from Pull & Bear. A month before I went to Madrid my sister went to Barcelona, and since Christmas was just around the corner (and the fact that shopping in Spain is cheaper) I brought some stuff for my sister at Pull & Bear as well. Exchanging gifts and seeing each others reaction was pretty amazing (lol). Anyways I love this clutch since it carries just about everything I need on a daily basis.

And last but not least, I fell in love with this burnt orange vintage find. This doesn’t scream modern but this is what makes it stand out from the rest. The best part about this clutch is that the closure is easy yet secure since it’s like a snap-back metal [if that makes any sense]. This is a very unique and well made bag for the price that I paid.
From top left: Dailylook brown zippered clutch, Pull & Bear large light beige clutch, Vintage burnt orange clutch, Dailylook black fold over clutch.

8 responses to “Most Loved Clutches”

  1. V says:

    Lovely! I really love the light beige

  2. Love the brown clutch, so chic!

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  4. vivalaViv says:

    I love clutches!! You have a nice collection here; I love the dark red and the black one you have! They are so chic!
    Here’s my clutch that I’m obsessed with:

    Vivienne 😉

  5. Beauticologist says:

    Beautiful clutches! Simple and elegant.

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