01, 03, 2016

My current favourite way to moisturize

Happy March, everyone! It’s hard to believe we’ve already approached the month of spring since some of us may still be sporting those winter coats. Not to worry though – the temperatures will eventually rise throughout this month! In the meantime, we still need to protect our skin from the harsh cold.

As much as I love body butters, sometimes I need that extra deep moisturizer to really help fight any dryness or patchiness I may have. For that, there are bath & body oils that really work skin deep. Not only are they perfect for soaking in while in the tub, but they also are great for releasing tension as a massage oil. No matter how you use a bath & body oil it will always leave your skin super soft and smooth to the touch.

Nature’s Pure Bliss Qwench Bath and Body Oil has been the perfect partner to help keep my skin in check from this cold weather. I had the chance to try out their Blood Orange & Rose oil which does smell as good as it sounds! Some of their key ingredients include apricot kernel oil (rich in vitamin A), organic camellia oil (protects skin from free radical damage), pomegranate seed oil (balances skin’s pH level), and organic flax seed oil (high in fatty acids, vitamin E and B, and wonderful for treatment of eczema and psoriasis).

This is the first thing I grab when I’m right out of the shower when my skin is still damp. I apply this on my entire body while focusing on the areas I tend to be dryer on such as my knees, elbows, and heels of the feet. It does take a bit longer to fully absorb into the skin but a minute or two is very much worth the wait since my skin does stays moisturized all day.

Have you ever tried bath and body oils before?

26 responses to “My current favourite way to moisturize”

  1. This sounds fantastic! I love body oils, although I don’t use them nearly as much as I should! The scent seems as though it’s nice and refreshing for after the shower/ bath!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • Stacey says:

      Oils are great! I’ve actually never liked the smell of orange things before but recently I’ve been all about it…it’s weird how our taste change over time lol

  2. My skin is SO dry this year & I never usually get this badly effected so maybe it would be a good idea to start swapping my butter to body oil! Orange and rose oil sounds like an absolutely gorgeous scent xxx

    • Stacey says:

      I love body butters as well but oils get the job done and fast! I never had soft elbows before and this is probably the first time they’re soft now! ahah

  3. Dominique says:

    Great post! This sounds like an amazing product and definitely worth a try! xx


  4. Ella Pinto says:

    Honestly, I’m crazy about fruity scents so I think this would be perfect for me. Plus I’m a big fan of oils, so yeah 1+1=2, which means I really do need this in my life.

    Ella x

  5. Ileana says:

    I have never tried oils, but this sounds really good! Maybe you convinced me 😀


  6. Sharon says:

    Great post. I love oils and the smell orange. Definitely going to give this a try for my dry skin

    Sharon from rosieloveslife.blogspot.com

  7. I love the smell of blood orange, it’s so addictive! I don’t really use body oils regularly but in the dead of winter they’re all that work to really moisturise my skin.


    • Stacey says:

      Same here! Skin always screams for more moisture in the winter hehe. I don’t normally like the smell of orange but recently I’ve been in love <33

  8. Nerdy Maria says:

    This oil sounds fantastic! I actually never tried using body oils before, but looks like this needs to change soon. I will for sure try to find this one! 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  9. shireenplatt says:

    I love to use body oils to moisturize my body but never use it in bath though. That being said, I rarely take bath and usually shower everyday because it’s faster and easier without my toddler trying to bang the door down.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Stacey says:

      If you ever get any free time to yourself you definitely need to try out using a bath oil! Once you come out of it your skin will feel amazing for weeks <3

  10. Mira says:

    I’ve never tried bath and body oils before but this oil sounds amazing! I got really dry skin so I’ll definitely look into it. 😉 x


  11. I’ve never tried a body oil, because I always use coconut oil and it’s amazing. My skin needs it and I always put it on after a shower 🙂


  12. Ana says:

    I have to try this! It’s still winter where I live, the weather has been crazy, I just want wait for warmer days! Hope you’re doing great! btw your blog is lovely!


  13. wheetnee says:

    I love using body oils too, it really sinks deep into the skin! A lot of body shop oils are great!

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