05, 04, 2015

Naples: Things To Do

In the past I’ve done a general things to do in Italy blog post, but decided that I wanted to give more justice and show even more of what Italy has to offer. I visited some extremely beautiful places that it seemed only fair to do an extended version of each city. My first stop in Italy was Napoli (a.k.a. Naples).

I ventured off into Italy in late August, and as you may or may not know almost everything is shut down at this time for the summer break and they are dead serious about it. So on my 3 day stay there I wasn’t able to fully enjoy all the attractions – I did however explore the slumish yet unique Napoli streets, check out the art and museums, experienced the romance up-hand (why the hell are we so reserved here in North America?!), and you bet I ate a ton of the world’s best pizza (I saw pizza in a new light and haven’t been able to return)!

Enough with the talk, I’ll just let you visualize the rest from here:

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  1. I’m studying abroad in Siena, Italy in the fall! This post got me so excited!

  2. flirtyng says:

    Awesome pictures!

  3. I just love Italy. Fabulous photographs. 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos:) I’ve always wanted to visit Italy!!!

  5. […] Naples: Things To Do […]

  6. […] Naples: Things To Do […]

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