05, 05, 2015

Natural Skincare

As you know I’ve been doing the whole experimenting with more natural ingredients as a new part of my skincare routine. We consume chemicals on a daily basis so I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to try and reduce this intake to our bodies. For people who aren’t use to more natural methods it may seem like a hassle to get into – I know I’ve held it off for awhile because I thought it may not work as well as my trusted skincare lines, but ever since I’ve included more natural methods I’ve noticed amazing results. All I can say is I’m shocked that I didn’t try it any sooner!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Once I was finished with my usual normal cleansers I knew I wanted to give them up and begin to oil cleanse as a replacement. As a person with very oily skin you fear putting more oil onto your face but this actually doesn’t make it anymore oilier. The first time was a bit strange, but after awhile it gets super relaxing as you massage the oil into your face. Applying the warm towel to whip everything off is quite the cherry on top of this regimen.

Jojoba Oil
If you’re an oily skin girl this oil is for you. Jojoba oil is similar to human sebum so it helps to especially regulate the natural oil production in our skin. It’s lighter in texture as well on the skin appose to olive oil so I like to switch the two up every now and then. I also pat a bit more on at night as a moisturizer since it easily absorbs into the skin while still keeping my skin feeling hydrated.

Apple Cider Vinegar
There are many benefits that come with using natural ingredients. We may all know how many endless benefits there are from apple cider vinegar – helps clear up acne, soothes a sore throat, helps with weight-loss, balances your digestive system, can be used as a hair rinse, etc, however, I don’t know if it’s just me but I just cannot get over the smell. Even after diluting it with water it’s still feels like I’m rubbing smelly sweaty gym socks all over my face (lol). Aside from the horrific smell, it has helped clear up my complexion a lot. I’ll just have to live with the smell I guess!

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips
I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve been into lanolin lip products – however this one is 100% medical grade lanolin so it can be used to help heal any dry areas on your body. The consistency is very thick so it’s an amazing night time treatment. Be ready to wake up to ultra soft skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
I normally use 100% tea tree oil which can be strong if not diluted with water. I know that the body shop one is not completely all natural but if I were to compare the 100% one to this I would say they work the same. The Body Shop one is already diluted so it’s a lot more gentle and won’t burn the skin. I only apply this on any blemish I have or feel are about to protruded.

Coconut Oil
This has also been another important part of my skincare. This was my eye makeup remover at one point before I did oil cleansing – now I like to use it mainly as a body moisturizer, hair mask, or for oil pulling (but that’s another blog post). I believe this is something that everyone should include in their beauty routine since I think this oil suits all skin types the most.

Castor Oil
I’ve been using castor oil for awhile now as a part of my nightly regimen on my eyebrows and eyelashes. A lot of people have had luck with castor oil for lengthening their lashes or for growing in thicker brows, however in my experience I wouldn’t say it did much for lengthening but it has made my lashes and brows stronger and just a bit thicker which is still a great improvement to what I had before.

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    I’d also recommend shea butter as a natural moisturizer. Great post, btw!

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