14, 06, 2017


They say mother’s are the more nurturing parent, and to agree or disagree with that is completely debatable. I do however believe that our general culture and the media we see influences our way of thinking, and even affects our upbringing to how mothers and fathers should act and play their roles in our lives — and for that I say dads don’t always get the credibility they deserve. I’ll be one to admit that when I was growing up I turned to my mom a lot when I had any type of problem, but that’s only because I was wired to think that my dad wouldn’t understand me. It’s wasn’t until my days in college when I was struggling to figure what I wanted to do with my life was when I turned to my dad for moral support. It honestly scared me to communicate with him, but once I opened up to him I was really surprised with how much he actually cared and truly listened. I didn’t realize how much great advice, perceptive and knowledge he had to offer. That’s when I knew, that no matter what, my dad will always be the best man in my life.

I remember in elementary school when the teachers would assign us little projects to do for special days such as Father’s Day. I specifically recall making my dad a paper necktie out of orange construction paper, and I added finishing touches of his favourite things such as a tennis racket and a basketball, and of course somewhere on the tie read the cliche saying of, “#1 dad”. I also remember asking him to wear it to work, which he told me it would — let’s be honest though, that necktie was fugly so I forgive him for not wanting to wear it to work. He did however take a photo of him wearing it (which was hungup on our family kitchen fridge for many years) and that was enough to brighten up my day. It’s even silly moments like these that we sometimes need to remind ourselves to not forget about how much our dads love us.

A treat for dad.

As my young adolescent years were filled with episodes of teen angst and unpredictable moodiness (not much has changed, let’s be real, HA), I applaud my parents for putting up with me. And as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate everything they’ve both done for me, while trying my best to give back as well. I’ve also learned that over the years, shopping for either parent gets trickier.

Everything is mainstream now, so I’m very aware that more and more men today are becoming interested in beauty and taking better care of themselves. My dad is no exception. I find it really refreshing to have some type of common interest with him as well! On Father’s Day I find the perfect gifts for him are what he wouldn’t normally think to ever get for himself — such as luxurious bath products. Claus Porto kindly sent over some products from their Portuguese Musgo Real brand, which include their Orange Amber Body Soap (notes of sweet mandarin, bergamot and amber), Classic Scent (notes of vetiver, eucalyptus, vanilla, and patchouli) of Shaving Cream, Soap On A Rope, and Cologne. All products are made in Portugal and have a very fresh masculine scent, with a complimentary musk accent that isn’t overbearing. The packaging is another standout for being very classy and simple. I especially love the Cologne bottle for being very slick, and it would look great displayed. I know most certainly my dad is going to love these products!

What I’ve learned about shopping for men is that although they’re simple, they also deserve and enjoy treats every now and then. I could seriously just get my father a can of peanuts or bag of chicharrónes and he’d be completely content for the next couple of weeks… but I’d prefer those choices as my last resort…

This post was NOT sponsored by Claus Porto/Musgo Real — products were kindly sent. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Julia says:

    Aw I love this! I love hearing about your experience with your dad, it’s so sweet. And I have a very similar experience where we got closer when I started in college. I am so bad at shopping for men so I’ll have to keep this in mind! Thanks
    Julia | juliainbluhm.com

    • Stacey says:

      Hahah it’s all trial and error! There were times I bought my dad clothes and he didn’t seem to like it too much hahha. Just need to find a common ground too I guess!

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