20/ 04/ 17

The natural route

In this day and age, more people are aware and concerned with what goes into their bodies and beauty products. Many companies have stepped up their game to fit into this healthier lifestyle. Just like many people, I’ve been doing my best to make conscious purchases, and have been reading and paying more attention to ingredient labels. These are just a few products that have fit into the more natural category. Read more »

18/ 04/ 17


Even as you get older the appetite for living and filling it with adventures and dreams never really dies down, but as responsibilities grow, priorities change. Some people choose to keep their dreams going, or at least put them on hold for a bit, while others choose to believe that they’re only dreams and nothing more. Being a dreamer and a free-spirit especially as an adult aren’t easy when you’re not surrounded by those who are like-minded. Although the people you surround yourself with make a difference, it’s also important to stick up for what you believe in and to never doubt your feelings. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, adolescence never really goes away. Read more »

13/ 04/ 17

Spring Essence

Spring has finally arrived in my city and I couldn’t be happier! You’re probably sick and tired of me always talking about the weather, but you’ve got to admit that it’s funny when people complain about the summers being too hot, and the winters being too cold. Anywho, I’ve been really excited to get back into using some of my favourite tones of peaches and corals for makeup — so excited that grabbed two new little Essence additions at the drugstore. Read more »

11/ 04/ 17

Beauty balance

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As we enter into the week and upcoming Easter long weekend, I thought I’d share with you a recently PR package I received. Farleyco kindly send over a box of products for me to try out, and although a review wasn’t required, I still like to share my beauty discoveries and what products I’m playing around with. Read more »

04/ 04/ 17

Not so Ordinary

You might’ve noticed by now that I’ve been on a skincare roll. Yeah, I know I always talk about my constant struggle and past with having major acne and breakouts, but anyone who’s had horrible acne knows it can be very traumatizing to your self-esteem. It’s been an ongoing battle, but for the last while things have looked up. I’ve been on a personal quest for the perfect skin and the results have really started to show-through. Read more »

03/ 04/ 17

In prep

If you feel like you’re constantly doing battle with your skin, but those imperfections keep coming back with all they’ve got, don’t give up just yet. I’ve been there and am still there at times—I did however figure out some ways that work for my skin before any storm can take a strike. A flaw-free radiant complexion is possible no matter how bad your skin might be right now. Read more »

02/ 04/ 17

Before beauty disasters

Although they are rare, beauty disasters can strike anywhere at anytime. Disaster always seems to hold off until the worst possible times. It may be that the adhesive glue to your false eyelashes are wearing off, or the heavens open as you walk to work and everything goes down the drain. One thing you can be sure of is that you’ll be as far from your makeup as possible when something happens. Or will you? Taking your beauty essentials out with you is the best way to ensure disaster doesn’t ruin your day. There are a few ways to help that. Read more »