14/ 09/ 17


One of the fun perks of being a beauty influencer/blogger is the advantage of brands reaching out to you to test out their products, and overtime you naturally get better at figuring out what works and what doesn’t work out for you. I believe it’s possible to see instant results with certain products, but long-term usage is how you really determine when a product is worth a say for anyone’s time or money. Perhaps the recent confusion in the weather’s high and low temperatures has also been a great factor on why I’ve been gravitating towards these treats. Read more »

12/ 09/ 17

Wave, swave, curl

As individuals we are often guilty and forgetful of how special we are—especially when it comes to beauty. Admiring other’s beauty is perfectly fine, but we can’t write ourselves off of the beauty we have as well. Instead of wishing for the things we had it’s a lot more empowering to embrace what we do have, and to learn how to enhance those one of a kind features. It took me a very long time to love my natural hair texture and to simply ditch the straightening iron so that I could let myself feel free again. Read more »

08/ 09/ 17


As the saying goes—home is where the heart is. We spent time making our home into a place that we personally consider warm and welcoming, yet with a lot of character that best represents us and our tastes. A home isn’t always built instantly and can change and/or evolve over the course of months or even years. Finishing touches such as colours, fabrics, and other furnishings such as decorations, rugs, and furniture play a huge part in our space.  How we utilize them and create the “at home” atmosphere in every room is up to us. Read more »

05/ 09/ 17

Purple Urchin

As we approach the fall it’s about that time again where beauty routines may change-up or get altered for the “warm one minute, and chilly the next” kind of weather for one of the most loved and popular seasons of the year. Purple Urchin came to the rescue and gave me a chance try out a few of their natural bath, body, and skincare products. Read more »

30/ 08/ 17

A little cocoa

It could be me but the transition from summer to fall can be a bit of a weird time. Factoring in that generally I’m no longer someone who stands out in the sun for long periods of time—plus having a very strange and late start to summer this year in my city hasn’t left a trace of a deep tan, so I’ve relied a lot on self-tanners to kick up my summer glow. Read more »

23/ 08/ 17

Some Givenchy

As someone such as myself who wasn’t born with luscious long voluminous eyelashes, finding those holy grail mascaras are a big beauty challenge. I believe no mascara—low-end or high-end—has really passed the ultimate test until they can help out and create something magically for naturally sparse lashes. Since finding my favourite mascaras that work well on my me, I’ve always been a fan of drugstore mascaras, but haven’t really given too many chances with the more expensive brands. Read more »

21/ 08/ 17

Picture perfect on holiday

Many thoughts can run though your head when it comes to seeing all the fashion travel photos on your Instagram feed, especially since they all seem so or are well produced to the point where some hire for hair, makeup, styling, and a talented photographer to help make an image come to life. It’s obvious that the simpler times have changed, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the best of your photos whether you follow into the trend or not. All it takes is a little bit of planning when it comes to packing your bags, and some due care and consideration for your skin and hair while you’re on holidays. Read more »