05, 02, 2016

Pampering for Valentine’s + giveaway (closed)

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly and whether we celebrate it or not it’s always fun to pamper ourselves regardless, wouldn’t you say? Farleyco was wonderful enough to send me a pampering kit with some of their popular brands to get prepped and primed with, alongside an awesome Valentine’s Giveaway for you guys! Here’s my thoughts and a peak on the wonderful goodies.

I’ve seen the I love… brand at Shopper’s Drug Cart stores but have never purchased any of their products before. I always thought the packaging was super cute since they have many attention grabbing scents and flavours to choose from. I was glad to have finally been given the chance to try out their new Vanilla and Ice Cream Bath and Shower Crème.

When I first opened it to take a whiff it surprised me with how accurate of a vanilla ice cream scent it was. The smell makes it tempting to eat since it also reminds me a lot of a butterscotch scent, which makes the bath and your surroundings smell absolutely delicious. I wouldn’t classify this is a cream but a moisturizing gel instead since it’s more on the clear side and lathers up easier than cream formulas. Just a small drop or two on a loofah is all you really need for this to work at it’s best.

Shampooing your hair every single day can strip away the good oils that makes your hair healthy and strong. Especially for those like myself who have long hair and workout almost everyday know that it can be a struggle to not wash your hair after building up a good sweat. Luckily the invention of dry shampoos came along and have improved a lot over the past years.

I received two COLAB Dry Shampoos in the fragrances, New York and Tokyo. New York is a part of their Extreme Volume collection which has a refreshing fruity almost soft tangerine-like scent to it. I’d say that it doesn’t add a huge amount of extreme volume but it does add back the volume you had a day or two before when you last washed your hair. On the other hand, Tokyo is a part of their Sheer + Invisible collection and is described as an oriental fragrance which smells of florals and is a very feminine scent.

The last few items I received were three face mask from 7th Heaven (previously named Montagne Jeunesse). I’ve got to be complete honest here when I say I’ve never been fond of the design of the packaging. I find it actually a bit loud and terrifying. We all know it’s very hard to pull off looking glamorous when we’re doing our at home spa days so I’ll forgive them for that, however it would have been nice to have a more modern design along with their recent name change as well.

Although the packaging isn’t my thing, the quality and formulation is there and it shows. Since I have oily skin I gravitated towards the Dead Sea Mud Pack which gave my skin an amazing all over cooling sensation. I’ve tried other mask before but this one has to be the most lightweight and smoothest to apply. What I didn’t know is that 7th Heaven is cruelty-free and vegetarian friendly which gets major pointers since I always try to improve my lifestyle and the way I choose my beauty products.

Farleyco Valentine’s Pampered Giveaway

It’s time! Just to recap, one winner will receive:

– 1 I love… Vanilla and Ice Cream Bath and Shower Crème
– 2 COLAB Dry Shampoos in the Tokyo and New York scents
– 3 7th Heaven facial masks
– 1 makeup bag (not pictured)


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This is open for Canada residents only, however there will always be future international giveaways on my blog so do keep checking back! I will pick one winner at random a week from now (02/12/16). Good luck beauties! xo.

22 responses to “Pampering for Valentine’s + giveaway (closed)”

  1. I’ve been eyeing those body washes for years now! But I never seem to purchase them either… I don’t know why! Right now the strawberry one is coming to mind…
    The face mask company changed their name!? I remember using these years ago- I think I tried a warming chocolate mask or something and it was awesome! This just reminds me how I need to re-buy these and give them another shot! I didn’t know they were vegetarian and cruelty free either (win win!)


    • Stacey says:

      I swear I always come close to thinking about buying something from them but never do hahah but after trying them out I will definitely go get more!
      I was always scared of the design of packaging for the masks when I was a kid hahah. I can’t believe it took me so long to try them because it’s a fantastic product! Mmmthe chocolate one sounds good…I wonder if it was edible :p thanks for your comment btw, it automatically enters you into the giveaway 😀

  2. Kelsey says:

    I am always tempted by the I Love… line at Shopper’s. It reminds me of the Philosophy line. I may need to give it a try!

  3. Very nice. Thanks. Happy Valentines Day to you!!!

  4. I like I love… shower gels. I think they smell amazing!

  5. Happy Valentines Day! Great product lines! I follow @bambivstheworld, @farleycobeauty, and @iloveofficial. also subscribed

  6. That vanilla ice cream scent sounds so good, I both love and hate shower gels that smell amazing. I love them because of the smell but hate that the food-related scents usually make me hungry!


    • Stacey says:

      Hahah so true and so unfair about how you can’t really eat it…perhaps someone should invent that…doubt it will do any good on the market though LOL

  7. Maria says:

    Really lovely! Farleyco is amazing and I love the I love… Brand. I just finished the strawberry and cream one! So lovely!

  8. Glogirl says:

    I subscribe to your blog via Google+ as Amy M.
    Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a great set of products! I’m interested in the I Love… product. I’ve never tried this brand but hear so much about it.

  9. angela m says:

    I have subscribed

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway , great products to pamper. The body wash sounds amazing.

  10. angela m says:

    I followed all three, liked and commented on instagram

  11. Jenny says:

    Happy Valentines Day! These look like amazing products! I followed @bambivstheworld, @farleycobeauty, and @iloveofficial

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