10, 11, 2015

Performance denim

I’m sure a lot of you can relate when I say it’s not always easy to shop and pick out a great pair of pants. It actually can be quite the challenge to find the right pair that aren’t constricting to movement while fitting perfectly in all the right places – might I add it’s also pleasing when you can find a pair that generally feels comfortable to wear throughout the day.

I’ve never heard about performance denim until Dish & DU/ER sent me a sample of their Dish N2X Skinny Skimmer denim in dusty rose. I admit at first glance they reminded me of just a regular pair of jeggings, but after I’ve put them to the test they definitely proven otherwise. Their N2X are made primarily from eucalyptus pulp and are a hybrid weave that create an outer layer and smooth backing to give maximum comfort, stretch and hold. In other words you can literally go from work to a run while completely feeling comfortable and still looking well put together.

These skinnies are extremely comfortable to wear that I wouldn’t mind at all even just lounging around in these at home. I wanted to see how they really perform so I’ve even test driven them during a zumba dance workout and they didn’t hold me back one bit. I did however look a bit crazy to be in “denim” during a workout class. We all know that when we find that pair of pants that makes us look and feel good we end up wearing them every change we get – and if I do say so myself, the pants fit pretty damn nicely!

Have you found your perfect pair?

* I  wasn’t paid to talk about Dish & DU/ER. I genuinely love their innovative approach to accommodate both an active and fashionable lifestyle, and there’s never anything wrong with speaking out and supporting an awesome company as well! Check out their kickstarter, instagram, and official website – dishandduer.com for more information.

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