30, 03, 2017

Photo ready skin

Although it’s been a rocky start going into the new season, I’ve been all out getting my skin prepped for warmer temperatures. I’m really on a mission for perfect skin, and these products couldn’t have come in better timing! I received my first ever Influenster VoxBox filled with some Shiseido skincare goodies to try out.

Flawless photo skin.
New to the Shiseido skincare line is their IBUKI Smart Filtering Smoother, which is described on their website as a game-changing formula that acts like a smart filter to help reduce the appearance of pores and leave your skin looking fresh, smooth, and matte. At first, I did think this was just a fancier term for a primer—it’s not at all though—in fact, it’s better than a primer in my opinion. I experimented to figure out the best way to use the Smart Filtering Smoother because if you’ve seen the ads on YouTube, you see a woman applying the product over her done up face of makeup, and so I questioned if this was best used under or over makeup. Was I the only one confused about that? No? Okay. To no surprise it actually works well both ways, but of course applying it before makeup is the best way since it makes your makeup and complexion look perfectly smooth afterwards. I do find it to be very mattifying for my liking but I’ll appreciate the matte finish a lot more when summer rolls around.

A mid-day fixer upper.
If I had to repurchase any of these 3 products, it would have to be this—the IBUKI Quick Fix Mist. My skin pretty much got a free pass all winter so it wasn’t it’s usual very oily self. With the recent roller coaster temperatures my skin been really confused, therefore, it’s producing more oil again. Every single time I’ve used this unique gel mist right after I finished applying my makeup, it has helped with keeping everything in tack. I can’t give all credit to it though since I do wear a lot of smudge and waterproof makeup, but it is that extra thing that helps. It’s also been my saviour on the go. I keep this in my bag with me for whenever I need a refreshener throughout the day. I think the Quick Fix Mist easily replaces reapplying pressed powers as well. Not to mention, I have to give it to Shiseido for their packaging. Even with the travel size product, their spray pump is not blasting product strongly in your face—it’s actually quite gentle and pleasing to use.

The ultimate booster.
The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is really the greatest treat you can ever give to your skin. This pre-serum goes on right after cleansing your skin and before you slather on the rest of your skincare. A little bit goes a long way and I have to admit that I go a little too happy with this product. Half of a pea sized drop is enough to cover my entire face, neck, and chest area which is amazing. I absolutely love how soothing and moisturizing the extracted ginkgo, shiso, thyme infused product is to the skin. The noticeable changes after only 2 weeks of use are that my complexion has fewer dry patches, looks so much more smoother, and overall just looks a lot healthier and youthful. I did take a look at the retail price on the Shiseido website, and although I think $67 for a 30mL bottle to be pretty steep, I do think this product is well worth it if you’re really looking for a plumper and younger looking complexion.

Have you tried out any Shiseido products and what were your favourites?
This post was not sponsored — I was kindly send these products,complimentary of Influenster. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It looks like Shiseido must have fixed the spray nozzle on their new products! I have the quick fix mist and the spray head really sucks. Though I do like to formula! They sound like amazing products – I love their beauty campaign as well 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Oh yea? Well it’s good to know they improved their spray because it’s the best one I’ve owned, then again I don’t have too many lol

  2. These products look great! Would love to give them a try… thanks for sharing! =)

    – Cielo

  3. amely rose says:

    such a lovely Review of products
    amazing and lovely Pictures 😀

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  4. Annabelle says:

    Great post! These look like some great items!

    x Annabelle

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