20, 04, 2015

Positano: Things To Do

Out of all the places I was able to visit while in Italy, Positano was definitely the most memorable. I’ve seen photos prior to my visit but just like any new place you see with your own eyes it was still completely different and unexpected. If you don’t know, Positano is a comune on the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) with tons and tons of amazing and breathtaking views. It’s almost impossible to not capture a great photo!

Swimming along the coast was literally like swimming in heaven with many beautiful housing and businesses looking down on you. Exploring the classic streets was another amazing highlight – and may I mention the major workout you will get from walking all uphill. If you’re not fit now, you will be at the end of the day from venturing into the streets of Positano (hah). Check out my photos:

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  2. Ah I love Italy! I sadly only got to be in Positano for an afternoon the last time I was in Europe, but I loved it! (Plus I ate a really delicious cannoli, haha)


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