10, 06, 2015

REVIEW| Beauty Origin Lab

As you know I’ve been on a roll with adding more natural beauty products to my regimen, so when Beauty Origin Lab asked me to review some of their products you could imagine how excited I was to try them out! If you haven’t heard of Beauty Origin Lab they produce handmade skincare products such as natural lip balms, clay masks, body butters, floral waters, cleansers, and body and face exfoliants. What’s even more special about them is that all their ingredients are purchased locally and are cruelty free.

Geranium Natural Body Butter
I’ve never tried an 100% natural body butter until I met this one. Some of the ingredients mentioned include coconut oil, olea europaea fruit oil, cocoa seed butter, jojoba seed oil, and geranium oil. This body butter makes my skin feel a lot softer and smooth – plus it lasts all day. I never need to reapply it which is great since with other body butters I’ve noticed I almost always had to reapply the product throughout the day. I also didn’t think I would like the geranium scent as much as I do, but it’s a very fresh smell and nice to apply all over your body after showering. This automatically is a new favourite of mine for body moisturizers.

Chamomile Face Cleanser with Shea Butter
I’ve been inbetween my usual go-to cleansers and was looking to try something new for a change so this came in perfect timing. I love the fact that it has chamomile so it’s very calming and gentle to my semi-sensitive skin. The consistency is almost like milk and it helped hydrate but never overly hydrated my already oily skin. I wanted to test out how well it worked at removing my makeup and I must say it passed the test since it removed all of it very well.

Blueberry & Coffee Natural Lip Balms
Us girls love to hoard lip balms any chance we get and this just adds on to the hoarding problem! These are such simple 100% natural lip balms but they feel so nice and super moisturizing on. Some of their ingredients include apricot kernel oil, cupuacu seed oil, and mango seed oil. I received one in Coffee (Is it weird that I don’t like drinking coffee but I love coffee smell?) and one in Blueberry and both work the same way just in different scents. Since lipsticks can be over-drying to our lips at times this would be great to apply under any lip colour.

Sandalwood Face Exfoliant with Aloe Vera
This was another product of their line that surprised me. Looks really can be deceiving, and so I didn’t think much of this exfoliant until I tried it out. This is a full on scrub for your face; it’s micro granules remove dead skin cells like a dream while still being very gentle to the skin. Other exfoliant scrubs I’ve used before have never really done anything special for my skin but this one definitely shows results. Not only did it get at my dead skin but it also made my complexion glow even after just one use. Of all the products that were sent to me this one is one is my most favourite of all and would purchase this when I run out.

Check out the Beauty Origin Lab website here to find out more about the company and their products. xo

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