17, 08, 2015

Review| Shiro Cosmetics

With so many makeup brands out there I’ve been wanting to stray awa y from the mainstream for a bit to explore what else is out there in the world of beauty. There are many brands that still haven’t gotten enough exposure or the credit they deserve and so I went researching around for these guys. I was lucky to stumbled upon Shiro Cosmetics on my instagram and was easily drawn in to all their pigments and especially their quirky packaging.

As you may or may of not noticed, I’ve been on a whimsical of lip products these last few months so I went ahead and picked up just a few lippie items.

It’s Called Love Tinted Lip Balm
This is described as a summery medium coral on their website, but on my lips and with my skin tone this appears more as a warm peach colour. That’s no problem with me since I really do love the turnout anyways. A mention though – this is unforgiving when it comes to very dry or chapped lips so it’s mandatory to exfoliate first before applying. I’m not sure what character this is on the packaging but it’s kind of cute and unique for a lip balm. One con about the labeling though is that it doesn’t have that protective film, so I already got colour stained onto the character’s face. However I like the product and how moisturizing it feels on the lips. I think the colour is perfect for everyday so I’d wear it on a day to day basis.

Who Swallowed a Star Tinted Lip Balm
In the tube this looks like a bright orangey coral but once it’s applied on the lips it has more of a pink undertone. I definitely think this is a lot more of a summery colour than the It’s Called Love balm but it really does vary depending on skin tones though. For those of you who want a dramatic lip colour but are still a bit hesitant towards a full on bold red lip this would be perfect for you since it’s very subtle but still carries around a statement. It does stain your lips into a pretty pink and I do love it as much as the actually tinted balm colour.

Quit Playing Games with my Carter Lip Gloss
I didn’t except to love this lip gloss and colour as much as I do. It’s just as described – a rich fuschia pink with soft golden shimmers. It’s nice to know this is actually an awesome product and not just good for it’s packaging. This definitely brings back the 90s BSB fan girl moments in my life. Nick Carter is a babe but I was all about Brian Littrell but he only came in a highlighting powder which I really didn’t need. The texture and the overall feeling of it on the lips is perfect. This leaves a nice soft fuschia pink stain to the lips even after it’s been wiped off which I like the look of as well.

Justin Time Lip Gloss
I ‘m seriously impressed with how high of a pigmentation these lip glosses are! This one was thrown in as a sample and my oh my have they done their job well since I’m tempted to buy the full size of this already. This is that classic red that every woman needs in their collection. This is very much a universal red so I see this looking amazing on everyone. However this is a very glossy and luscious red so it might not be in everyone’s taste (it reminds me of something Jessica Rabbit would rock). To all the N’sync fans and red lip lovers I say do not miss out on this lip gloss.

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  1. onachicdiet says:

    Gurl i always look forward to your posts especially when you feature new brands i’ve never heard of like this one, arghh the lippies r so pigmented n absolutely gorgeous! X

    • You’re seriously the sweetest babe ever <3 Glad you like when new brands are featured! There wasn't much talk on them so I thought it would be nice to share. They have quickly become a new favourite of mine :]
      Thanks for reading as always! xo

  2. heavenzanny says:

    Shiro is one of my favorite brands but I mostly buy pigments 🙂 I really love them for that and the names are so funny.

    • They have soooo many pigments I wasn’t even sure where to start really. I wanted the new oscar for leo dicaprio but they don’t make them anymore I think 🙁

  3. MK says:

    Aww I never heard of this brand and that It’s called love’s package is No-Face from Sprited Away! I might get one for my friends in Japan for souvenior :p Thanks for always sharing wonderful posts 🙂

  4. Cat Forsley says:

    you have the best taste xo

  5. RCubed says:

    Just upon seeing the Studio Ghibli characters on the packaging, I clicked on the website link. Haha! Thanks for the awesome post.

  6. I love the pigmentation of the balms and lipgloss, I definitely want to try these. I will have find them on Instagram to see if I can order some, such beautiful colors!!! Great post as always:)

  7. followmeesh says:

    really cute packaging i wanna try!

  8. kyuukayayoi says:

    Lip balm inspired by a Miyazaki Movie… count me in!

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