05, 06, 2015

Teeth Whitening + Giveaway

It’s wedding season and whether it’s you or someone else you know that are getting married we all know that means a lot of smiling for photos. Stained or yellow teeth can happen from many factors but the most common are from drinking too much coffee or tea – sad but true. Smile Brilliant was very nice to sent me their teeth whitening kit to try out. I wanted to see what it was capable of so I took it to the max and tried it out for an entire month.

I’ve had my teeth whitened using similar trays from the dentist in the past and paid almost $700 for the kit. Although I got great results it pained me and still pains me to this day that I paid that much. Since it’s been awhile since I’ve used the kit from the dentist my teeth had gone back to being stained since I’m a heavy tea drinker. I started buying whitening toothpastes, gels, even went the natural route with baking soda to try and fix the problem, but none of them really did anything. I swear it was fate because when Smile Brilliant contacted me I was struggling to find a solution since I was going to be attending a wedding really soon and didn’t want my stained teeth making an appearance. I had no idea I could even get this professional kit outside the dentist until I was introduced to them!

The Kit

The kit comes with clay and trays to help you to create your own teeth impressions in the comfort of your own home. It comes with very easy to follow instructions – and even if you mess up the first time they include plenty of extra clay packets to try again.

Once you have finished creating your impressions and have let them dry, they provide 2 envelopes, one prepaid and an extra non-prepaid one where you put in your impression trays and ship them back to the company. The communication is excellent with them so they will email you right away once they received your impressions, and even email you again when they’re finished and ready to ship your teeth trays.

I relieved my trays about a short week from sending them which was impressive for the amount of time to make the trays and to send them back. So I was ready to start whitening!

The Process

The first few days of whitening created minor teeth and gum sensitivity. The kit includes Desensitizing Gel which you would apply onto the top and bottom trays first for 30 minutes. After rinsing the trays and gargling you would then apply the Teeth Whitening Gel. I always applied the gel along the bottom front line along the trays to avoid anymore sensitively to the gums.

Like I said, I wanted to test this baby out to the max so left the trays in for 3 hours. I once fell asleep with the trays on and went over 3 hours which I 100% do not recommend doing since it caused my gums to get very sensitive towards the whitening gel. I even had to take a day break from the process just to give my mouth a bit of a break. After that mishap I never went past 3 hours and I was perfectly fine.

It was only after the third week into the system that I started noticing results – actually the people around me were noticing. No joke, friends told me, “wow your teeth are whiter than your white shirt!”. It made me laugh but also made me glad to know the system was actually working.

The Results

Exactly after one month I’m very happy with my final results. I notice a huge difference especially looking at the comparison photos. My teeth weren’t that bad to begin with but they weren’t as bright as I would have liked them to be. As I mentioned, I recently attended a friend’s wedding and got a lot of compliments on my how white my teeth were which was nice hearing! My rejuvenated smile has definitely made me a lot more confident and happy again.

I got exactly same results with Smile Brilliant for even more than half of the price that I paid for at the dentist so I totally recommend them if you want to brighten up your smile to it’s full potential.

For more reviews you can check out the link here and see what others had to say as well.
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Smile Brilliant is giving my readers a chance to win their amazing Professional Teeth Whitening Kit! The prize is a store credit of $139.90 which is equal to receiving their Teeth Whitening Trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3 desensitizing gel syringes.

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Good luck!

**This post was brought to you by Smile Brilliant – however all opinions are truly of my own. I honestly love their products and would recommend them.

Custom Teeth Whitening Trays by Smile Brilliant

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