23, 03, 2015

REVIEW| SST Cosmetics

To be honest I may possibly be the worst stereotypical Canadian out there. I don’t like hockey (viva fútbol), I rarely drink any Timmy’s, and I really despise the cold. Alongside that, I’m not at all familiar with our beauty brands unless they are explosively global such as Bite Beauty, Cargo, etc. So when Canadian companies contact me I’m pretty stoked since I’m always eager to try out new brands I’ve never heard of and spread the word.

SST Cosmetics reached out to me to try out just a few of their products. They are a luxurious high-end line, and their focus is to bring quality ingredients that are also free from harsh chemicals. Though this is a Canadian brand I noticed that the products I received were either made in Italy or US – which to me already speaks amazing quality.

Signature Series Hydrating Lipstick – Drama Queen
When I first saw this I was worried because I knew this was a colour I don’t usually ever gravitate towards. I really shy away from such pinks because I don’t think they compliment my skin tone or my overall persona very well. But ‘never say never’ without a try. My first impression surprised me; I was totally digging it. Maybe because this is a slightly warmer pink than ones I’ve tried before. This lipstick is super creamy and moisturizing so I can’t imagine it ever really drying out the lips – not to mention, it has a wonderful yummy vanilla scent. I look forward to experimenting with this lipstick more!

Black Label Skin Perfecting Balm
I’m a sucker for tinned products so right off the bat I loved the packaging, but of course what’s in it is also important. I had a bit of trouble opening up the back label to see the ingredients or how to use the product. So I just places the balm on any fine lines or problematic areas on my face such as my cheeks where I tend to breakout the most. From what I could read it said this product is great for oily or acne prone skin. Since it’s a blend of Vitamin A & C, tea tree (which is the main scent), and chamomile I can see how this benefits my skin. Another awesome part about this perfecting balm is that it’s extremely matte so even the gents can use this – especially after shaving since tea tree and chamomile are both healing and soothing to the skin.

I also received a sample brochure of their foundations which are paraben, talc, boron nitride, and gluten free. I tried out their Oil Free Weightless Foundation in Shade 2. It was a tad too light for me, however the coverage was to my standards, which is a medium coverage. It blended effortlessly, gave me the perfect matte finish, and looked like a better version of my skin. I hate to say it but I think I like this a little bit more than my all-time favourite Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged foundation. I’m wearing the SST foundation below:

From what I’ve tried and tested out I can say SST Cosmetics are pretty amazing and take quality very seriously. Check out their website here for more products and details.

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  1. SuperDiana says:

    Great pink shade! It’s subtle and looks great on you. 🙂

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