25, 03, 2015

REVIEW| Tiny Tea TEAtox

If you’re constantly on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen Tiny Tea (a.k.a. You Tea) advertised everywhere alongside other tea detoxing companies. I thought this was just another gimmicky tea, but that’s until I saw a friend of mine try it out and had amazing results. I had to see what the hype was all about and try it out on my own. So I purchased the 28 Day TEAtox kit – and how it works is that you drink 3 bags a day 30 minutes before your meals. The tea is suppose to help with indigestion, bloating, cellulite, problematic skin, reduction in excess weight, and increases energy by delicately cleansing the digestive system.

So why did I decide on this tea? Well no matter what exercise or diet I do, I can’t seem to get rid of the bloating in my belly. My friend also mentioned that the tea helped suppress her appetite, so I thought that was a bonus as well since I tend to overeat. I also started getting back into shape so I thought this would help boost things up. So besides drinking this tea I also did 50-60 minutes on the elliptical at a moderate to fast speed, then 30 minutes of yoga every other day 7 days a week. I also ate more greens, drank more water, and saved carbs for the weekends.

So the first day of drinking the tea was easy breezy, but going into the second day I encountered horrible cramps and pains in my stomach. I quickly contacted Tiny Tea to ask what was going on with my body and this tea! Their customer service was really great and emailed me back right away with answers. I’m going to be totally honest and it might be TMI, but if you want to learn about my experience you’re going to have to suck it up (it really isn’t that bad though lol). They stated that my symptoms were not unusual in the detoxing process and it could be that my body was trying to push out the toxins. They told me to reduce my tea intake to 2 bags a day instead of 3 in the meantime and that if the pains continued to contact them again.

Going into the third day I continued to have some pain, and on the fourth I experienced some minor constipation. At this point you would think that any smart person would stop right? Well my curiosity and the fact that I just spent $55 on tea kept me going (lol). By the fifth day it was as if nothing had ever happened and my body felt normal again. On top of that, I had a lot of energy and my body was running normal…if you know what I’m saying. After those first few days, it was easy drinking the tea again.

What I liked the most about this Teatox is that there are no laxatives, so it was very gentle all the way up to my 28th day. I can honestly say that this tea has eliminated my feelings of grogginess and I’m feeling pretty clean if I may say!

I recorded my results in photos:

As you can see the Teatox did some magic – but in no way is this a miracle tea for weight loss. I doubt you will see much or any results without exercising or following a healthy diet. Would I do it again? Probably, but only if there was a sale on this tea since the price still doesn’t make much sense to me. Do I recommend it? I did enjoy Tiny Tea and saw results, so yes.

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  1. onachicdiet says:

    haha i constantly have a bloated tummy too like especially after eating and then it takes forever to go down lol, i eat yoghurt, drink water and it’s still bloated haha, the tea sounds good, I’ve actually never heard of it and i’m always on instagram.

    • I thought since yogurt is a dairy it would make you bloated more no? I might be wrong! You can try it out, but every since I finished this teatox I’ve been drinking green tea and I’m pretty content with that!

  2. Melissa says:

    I still feel like this tea is such a gimmick! Along with any dietary supplements. I feel like your body looks better due to your consciousness in what you ate, and you working out. I used to believe that these things could work, but its just a dream, hard work and healthy eating is the only way to truly lose weight. Great review though, the part about getting horrible cramps seems really scary though, and because of a tea too!

    • I do agree with you that a lot of products on the market are total gimmicks. I know for a fact that this tea didn’t do it all. It did however help with my digestion and helped me go regularly. Sorry for the tmi! But if anyone is looking at this tea as a miracle for weight loss then that’s not the way I wanted my message to come across as. I worked out 7 days a week and changed my diet to achieve this.
      Also it’s probably good to mention that since finishing this teatox, I went to drinking regular Japanese green tea and honestly it does about the same thing…
      And yes the cramps were horrible! I was crazy (and a bit dumb) to continue on…all for the sake of experimenting!
      Thanks so much for your comment! I love knowing other people’s views on this 🙂

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