09, 03, 2015

Scarves For Spring

My scarves collection is slightly getting out of control. They are that one piece that I just don’t know how to present well in my chaotic closet. If they aren’t hanging off hangers, they’re either stuffed into the sleeves of jackets, or tied around the poles that hold the hangers. Purely unorganized.

Anyways, I wanted to share my love for this versatile piece since we are heading into spring – as we all know that’s the perfect season to accessorize scarves the most. It’s something that can be worn with almost anything, it can either be there to dress up a look or compliment a look, and of course depending on seasons they are there to keep us warm.

These are my picks for spring.

Clockwise: Mexy Shop blue scarf, H&M black scarf, floral scarf from Nordstrom, American Apparel olive Unisex Circle scarf, Urban Outfitters blue print scarf.

The Floral/Lace MixLace is very on point this season and floral is always a favourite in spring as well. I especially love this combo when paired with mostly all white.

The Circle: With spring comes rain and if you’re like me, sometimes you come unprepared without an umbrella. This comes to the rescue as a hood while looking stylish.

The Colourful Solid: At some point we all just need a pop of colour whether is be to a muted or not so muted outfit. Spring generally is just a fun time to play with more colour.

The Soft Print: The newest in my collection. This is the scarf that I see myself easily grabbing for on the warmer days of spring since it’s very lightweight and adds more character to an outfit.

The Classic: It’s almost mandatory to own a black scarf. It’s the safest of them all since it is so versatile and can go with any look or occasion.

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  1. Beautiful collection of scarfs! I always buy mine at Target and Old Navy, but these are lovely. I am going to have to get out of my comfort zone and start looking at other department stores lol!

  2. beautiful collection 🙂

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