15, 01, 2017


Having on the right pair of shoes can really alter our appearance and the way we carry ourselves for the day. A killer pair of heels or even a pair of chic flats can make a difference of a world regardless of how your hair, makeup or outfit may look that day. With so many styles for everyday or special occasions, every girl will be able to find her favourite kind of pair.

A neutral shoe
Neutral coloured shoes are extremely versatile, and are a must in any shoe closet. Whether you’re a girl who always likes to don a pair of heels or are more of a fan of flats, bring in a couple of nude styles can spruce up your wardrobe. Beige, creams, and tanned heels especially can give the appearance of elongated your legs, and add a sense of elegance to any outfit.

Low heels and prints
Shoes that give your confidence a boost don’t need to be skyscraper high and uncomfortable; medium to kitten heels can work just as well. The low heel offers just enough lift to add a sense of extra style and femininity to your look without leaving you struggling to walk straight. I love a plain designed heel, but to add more oomph to your look, think metallic shades, prints, or bright bold colors.

Little black shoe
You can absolutely never go wrong with black shoes. Picking a pair – ideally heels, has many options to choose from – glossy finish, matte finish, and there are endless designs on unique patterns. Don’t think that black shoes can make an impact – blogs like Joyfully Styled say otherwise. I think we all need that reliable little black pair of shoes in our closet!

A printed pair
Adding in a pair of shoes with prints, patterns, and designs can easily make many plain outfit look a lot more interesting. From floral prints to Aztec designs, to added punches like leopard prints when you’re feeling extra confident – the options are endless.

Photo: Vince Camuto high heels, Moschino vintage round clutch, Richmond & Finch green marble phone case (here).

12 responses to “Shoespiration”

  1. I agree! Nothing like a killer pair of shoes to add to an outfit. I love the ones you have pictured, as well as your suggestions! My favorite is a good black boot. 🙂

    -Emily http://www.coatandcoffee.com

  2. I want a pair of printed shoes so badly, but I just can’t seem to find the perfect match. I’ve loved the embroidery trend lately, but have yet to find a shoe style I love them in! Xx


  3. Those shoes are beautiful! I have been loving the look of low heels lately.

  4. Julia says:

    I love your point about low heels– I find I get the feeling of glamour and fanciness that I love about heels, but they are more comfortable than super high heels. And so true about black shoes– I feel like 90% of my shoes are black, and I love them. They go with all my clothes, and their dirtiness is conveniently masked :’D.
    Great tips, and lovely blog, girl! Shoes are so much fun.
    Julia || juliainbluhm.com

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Julia! And it’s true, I just don’t have the patience to suffer all night anymore in very high heels. I get so cranky from the pain that it just ruins my night LOL
      Black shoes never fail either. Even when they start to get old, often times they don’t even look old :]

  5. Although I love fashion I am really unadventurous when it comes to shoes – I own a few pair of black boots and that’s about it. Oh and some heels that I were every few weeks haha. I really want a pair of printed shoes or a pair of low heels. xx


    • Stacey says:

      Well you know what’s funny? I’m actually not that adventurous when it comes to in your face prints in clothing, but when it comes to shoes that’s when I will go all out and get a leopard or bright and bold print hahha! Maybe you can try out one of those to help you into trying something new out!

  6. Love it. Please check out my new winter trend alert!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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