13, 04, 2015

Sorrento: Things To Do

Continuing on with my Italy adventures – from Naples I headed over to the town of Sorrento (or Surriento). It’s a totally different vibe from Naples, in fact once I arrived there I felt almost as if I was on some Disneyland resort. It could have been the bright sun shining down on everything, or how clean the streets were, OR the many tourists around, but just something make it seem this way. I’m not saying this in any bad way – actually Sorrento quickly grew on me.

I was staying very close, if not steps away from Piazza Tasso which is the main square in Sorrento so it was perfect for those night strolls. And since I did go in the summer I was very lucky to be a 10 minute walk from beaches and breathtaking views. I must stay, Sorrento knows how to treat their guests! I’d definitely love to go back here:

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  3. Sorrento is amazing. Great post!

  4. […] Sorrento: Things To Do […]

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