14, 08, 2015

Spot On Spot Treatments

Unless you were lucky enough to be born with clear skin genetics you’d know zits happen and they really can be a pain to handle. They tend to appear and surprise us the most when we’re under stress, having an unhealthy lifestyle or diet, and for us ladies when we’re on or around the time we’re menstruating. I’ve tried tons of spot treatments and these ones have been working the best on my skin for the past few years to very recent.

Clindoxyl Gel
This is only by prescription and it helped cure my acne the first time around. I saw effective results so I ended up abusing it by using it more than once a day that it got to the point where it didn’t work well anymore. So that’s when I took a year or two off away from it, but I started using it again only in the areas I get or start to feel a more stubborn cystic pimple coming on, which is usually around my period. If you can’t control your acne you may want to ask your doctor about this one.

Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Essence R
This is the newest to my spot treatment collection and this reminds me a lot of when I use to put toothpaste on my zits. It’s close to the same texture but without the tingly sensation. Innisfree is a Korean skincare brand so I couldn’t find enough information on this in English but it helps to calm down breakouts with its torreya seed oil and green calamine ingredients. It does leave a greenish cast on the parts you apply it on so this is better use at night while you sleep. I do find this effective at calming down breakouts but wished it was wearable throughout the day as well.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
I reviewed this awhile ago [that you can read here] and this has been more than amazing to my skin. I’m not sure how it battles with cystic acne but if your are prone to normal breakouts this works well at restoring and your skin. I’ve been applying this every night on my troubled areas after using Sibu’s Cleansing Bar, my DIY apple cider vinegar toner, and Sibu’s Nourishing Facial Cream. I’ve been using it not only on blemishes but on any scars I had from past acne.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Gel
I don’t fancy this one as much since I met the Innisfree one, but I do still love it since it helps to calm down redness and applies on the skin as a clear gel. I’m not going to lie, sometimes a zit is calling my name to go out it and using this afterwards has helped heal the irritated aftermath faster. I like to carry thing one around with me in my bag for any breakout emergencies.

e.l.f. Zit Zapper
If you’re on a major budget this really is a great alternative for redness or minor pimples. It is weird to say it smells similar to Vick VapoRub and I like it a lot? Anyways before I ever used most of the other products that I listed this was the one I would always purchase and have with me at all times. Although I reach for it less now it’s still a favourite. This is especially perfect for students because of the price and for those in general with younger skin.

What is your favourite spot treatment, and have you tried or liked any of the ones mentioned?

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  1. lilyrachel says:

    I am in need of one of this, thank you!

  2. RachelW says:

    Love a good spot treatment! I’ve been dying to try the Body Shop one 🙂 xx

  3. maitri says:

    Thanks! it will be helpful 🙂

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