02, 11, 2015

That time of the month with Avalai

Subscription boxes are already such cool ideas and there are still so many yet to be discovered. This one in particular really caught my attention! Avalai is the subscription box that every woman can look forward to [once a month] since it’s specifically put together to get you through the not so pleasant days with Aunt Flo.

Avalai is very customizable and understanding to women’s needs when it comes to that time of the month, so they give the option to choose whether you prefer to receive tampons or pads. I went for my usual preferred option which are pads and I was quite shocked by the generous amount that they included. I believe they’re the Always Infinity pads so Avalai gets major bonus points on that since in my opinion the Infinity’s work wonders. They also included a clever wallet-like pouch that can discreetly hold onto your pads and tampons; I really love the idea and can’t wait to throw it in my bag!

Being on your rag can make you feel quite sluggish and not feeling your ultimate best so we usually opt for anything that will pamper and make us feel better. I’m personally more of a shower kind of girl so I’m a sucker when it comes to soaps, especially when they are handmade. I got excited and already went ahead and used this O’Canada Soapworks in Strawberries n’ Cream. I’m not really a huge fan of strawberry scents but this one is light enough for me to tolerate. I surprisingly also like that how the light scent lingers around even hours after a shower.

It only makes since to throw in a bunch of yummy snacks and teas for this period subscription box to be complete! Avalai included in this month’s box a pack of Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics (I know how we all want to drink on our periods so this can be a temporary fix), Pretzel Perfection Pretzel Sticks, 6 different types of Higgins & Burke teas to help smooth the belly, and of course the one and only – a bar of Cadbury Premium Dark Chocolate (which I selected over milk chocolate).

Until November 8th, Avalai is giving all you lucky readers 20% off your first box when you enter the code JUSTFORYOU at checkout.

Note: A portion of the profits from the box will also be donated to the Canadian Women’s Foundation which helps to empower girls and women in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty and into confidence.

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