19, 10, 2015

The beauty purge

Deciding whether or not to give your makeup and skincare items the boot can be a hard decision on any beauty enthusiast. Especially when it takes time and money to accumulate these collections saying bye just isn’t that simple, however there comes a time when we all just need to make a clean sweep.

Be realistic

Unless you actually use your bright and colourful palettes then by all means keep it in your collection, but if you’re a simple and everyday neutrals kind of person then be real with what you’re actually going to be wearing. Stick to basics. For example, I use to have an addiction to collecting eyeshadow palettes and since my purge I’ve gotten rid of the ones I’ve barely touched. My collection now consist of my favourite neutral palettes, two smokier and shimmery evening palettes, and two very colourful palettes for those “just in case” days. Keep in mind every now and then I still do freelance makeup work so I need to keep a few extras on hand so it may vary from person to person and their lifestyle.

How old now?

If you’ve had the same eyeshadow quad or favourite lipgloss since your senior year of high school then it’s time to part ways asap. Although I admit I’ve been guilty of keeping products that were way overdue their expiration dates, we need to keep in mind products do get old and bacteria does grow overtime. Here’s a guide of how long your beauty products really last.

Foundation & Concealer
6-12 months
2-3 months
Lipstick & Lipgloss
2-3 years
Eyeshadow, Blush, Powder
2 years
Pencil & Liner
1 year
Liquid Liner
3-4 months
Gel Liner
2 months
Cream Blush & Contour Stick
2 years
Lip Balm
1 year
2 years
Nail Polish
1-2 years

Give it away

What’s sad [but true] is that we sometimes buy things impulsively then barely use them. It’s a shame when makeup and other beauty products don’t get enough love, so giving your unexpired products away to close friends and family is a great solution instead of just throwing them out to waste. Those who are new to makeup or just never know what products to buy will always be glad to receive the things you tried out and recommend. After all it’s free beauty products and what kind of person would ever turn down free beauty products??

5 responses to “The beauty purge”

  1. It’s sad but true that it can be so hard to part with beauty bits, especially if the packaging is really nice as well. I agree that being realistic and looking at how old the products are is the best way to go.


    • thebambieyes says:

      Yes! The packaging and the “I might need it someday” thoughts were what held me from not purging in the first place. But now that I’ve done this my collection makes more sense to my life now 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    I smile as I read this. I have a ton of nailpolish and it gets thrown out when I can no longer get polish out. I’m am just starting out in the makeup world so I’m am trying to be a person with an accumulation. I have a small stash and just ordered some more stuff the other day. My logic is to have variety so I can choose freely from my many options. Some of my makeup by youyour guidelines is apparently reincarnated.

    I don’t think many people would turn down free makeup! 🙂

    • Stacey says:

      Welcome to the highly addictive world of makeup! 😛 it really is a lot of fun to experiment and try somethings you thought you would never try out especially when it comes to colour! I do suggest though if you are curious about certain colours whether it be blues, purples, greens, etc to not buy such high-end brands because if you don’t end up liking it or using it as much that’s pretty much money gone down the drain. I’ve done that A LOT when I first started out but ever since if I want to try something fun out I usually purchase from Essence or Colourpop since both are extremely affordable and I don’t have as much guilt after buying them 🙂

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