07, 06, 2016

The boyfriend shirt

Boyfriend shirts have sort of become an in thing over the past couple of years. No, these aren’t those cheesy couple shirts, tasteless couples wear during festivals and/or at a local theme park. As a matter of fact, The Guardian’s Haley Freeman points out that the descriptor ‘boyfriend’ is a mere play on the word ‘oversized’.

At first glance, wearing boyfriend – or oversized – clothes can give off a generic 90’s feel to your outfit. It also brings up the idea that anyone can wear plus size garments and show them off fashionably. To put a number on the term ‘plus size’ King Size categorizes this as big and tall men’s clothes from shirt measurements large to 6XL, as well as pants waistlines from 44 to 66.

Men’s Health highlights the total benefits of couples who workout or do everything together. On a deeper level, more than being one of the go-to staples in your closets and similar to going to the gym with your significant other, boyfriend shirts give the feeling of comfort and unity amongst couples. With that, here’s a rundown of how to wear these oversized clothes in a more fashionable way.

A Casual Daytime Look

By simply rolling up the sleeves of a basic or plaid shirt and tying the bottom ends together, you can achieve this casual look. Match this with a ripped denim skirt or those cute shorties and put on espadrilles to give you the perfect attire for any daytime activity.

A Confidently Beautiful Ensemble

Sprinkle a dash of fierceness and a hint of feistiness to your ensemble by wearing a boyfriend shirt over a sexy face singlet or bralette. Complete the outfit with a dainty necklace, a pair of torn jeans, and those killer high heels for an edgier, more intense overall look.

An Informal Day in the Office Getup

To accomplish this relaxed yet professionally acceptable getup, button up your boyfriend shirt all the way to the neck and tie a knot at the bottom of it. This preppy ensemble goes well with your black (or even a colorful) office pencil skirt, as well as a decent pair of heels.

A Literal “No-One-Will-Know-It’s-His-Shirt” Outfit

This is probably the most common way to wear a boyfriend shirt. Simply top this outfit with a tight cropped knit and skinny jeans and you’re all set for a laidback weekend morning. In addition, a nice pair of ballet flats should complement the style well.

Wearing: American Apparel Men’s Chambray Long Sleeve Button-Down [similar] & Aerie La Playa Lace Padded Bandeau Bralette [here].

How do you like to wear your boyfriend shirt?

31 responses to “The boyfriend shirt”

  1. Simply gorgeous lovely! Love this, a good boyfriend shirt is what ever wardrobe need! x

    Aicha | The Fashion Heist

  2. Richel V. says:

    I sometimes like men’s clothes than women. I steal my brother’s plaid shirts just because they’re comfy and I like oversized shirts on me. A good boyfriend shirt (and jeans) is a staple in my wardrobe nowadays. xx

  3. I always steal my boyfriend’s jumpers at home because they are SO comfortable.. I think that shirts are my next step! x

  4. Pablo Parra (Fungi) says:

    Hello Stacey! Qué padre, a mi me fascina toda la onda del blender gender haha, y que las mujeres se puedan poner cosas de hombre sin problema! Al final creo que se puede conseguir un look desenfadado pero formal, un tanto effortless!


  5. If only my boyfriend owned button downs haha! Although they do look comfy, I’ve yet to actually purchase one (seeing as I have none to steal.) I like your tips for how to style it. That helps out the non-trendy people (like myself) quite a bit!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • Stacey says:

      You can always get creative with his t-shirts then hahha but I think having a men’s dress shirt is a great piece to have in your collection 😉

  6. wordsbykatie says:

    I love boyfriend shirts! I own too many, I need to put them to good use instead of putting them away. I love this little post of appreciation towards them ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Katie! Yes there are so many different ways to style them! There’s a way to turn a lot of them into dresses as well so that’s even more awesome <3

  7. Love a comfy boyfriend shirt. I like the different style options you give! Super fun and helpful. Great color choice. I love grey. I get tired of colors pretty quickly but never the nuetrals!!! xx-S

  8. Mira says:

    I love wearing boyfriend shirts and oversized clothes in general, they are way more comfortable and I think they look great when combined with tight trousers, a skirt etc. I also love boyfriend jeans but unfortunately, they don’t really suit me. xx


    • Stacey says:

      I love boyfriend jeans as well, and I know what you mean but I think you just have to keep searching for the right pair and it will really suit you 🙂

  9. Paulina says:

    I’m all about it! Not only comfy but also chic!



  10. yuka says:

    such a staple piece! I love the bf shirt!


  11. Oh I love the boyfriend shirt! I adore men clothing in general, haha!

  12. Dominique says:

    I love a boyfriend/oversizes style as I’m all about comfort first and foremost! This was such a great read hun! xx


  13. I love boyfriend shirts! I think they are so cute and comfy. x

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

  14. Tessa says:

    Love this look. I have a similar bra I just purchased online a few days ago http://u.picoum.com/t68q3. l love how you can wear a bit masculinity and sexiness all packaged in. And its so comfortable.

  15. Augustin Ra says:

    Thanks for the tips! Now I know what to do when I have those boyfriend shirts. Hehehe 🙂

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

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