11, 03, 2015

The Coral Lips

Nothing screams Spring/Summer more than coral lip colours. Since they look amazing on just about any skin tone who wouldn’t be obsessed? I do personally love the look most when I have a tan since the coral intensifies and makes my skin tone look more radiant. But on paler to medium skin tones, corals present a very fresh and lively glow to the skin. This colour is a serious win-win for all (yay!). These are the lipsticks I will be putting to good use in the next coming months.

Sonia Kashuk – Sunkissed
In my eyes this is a warm nectar coral. I don’t know if it’s my eyes deceiving me, but every time I wear this lipstick my lips look more plump and full. Aside from the stunning colour, this this paraben free and protects your lips from the rays since it has an SPF of 16.

Pop Beauty – Coral Crush
The lightest of the bunch as it’s a soft pink coral; and although it applies on my hand pretty light and cool toned it’s actually more intense and warms up a bit once on the lips. If you’re looking for that perfect everyday coral then this is it my friend.

Milani Cosmetics – Flamingo Pose
This is the prettiest colour ever and it’s my favourite of the bunch especially when I want to jazz up my makeup look (see me wearing it here). In natural lighting the colour appears as a neutral bright pink-coral; it’s almost a guarantee that this colour will look amazing on all skin tones.

Gerard Cosmetics – Tequila Sunrise
This is quickly becoming another favourite of mine since of all the corals I own this one has a stronger orangey-peach undertone making it a very unique colour. This is actually a colour I’m most excited about wearing in this coming summer.

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  1. Ohh the Pop Beauty one *_* WANT *_*

  2. Zoë says:

    that sonia kaskuk is stunning! so sad we’re losing the brand 🙁

  3. Great review… I love coral, all look amazing 🙂 I like the name, tequila sunrise too, I’ll try it out!

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