30, 04, 2014

The Fear Of the Salon

I’ve been there and it’s most likely how I got myself into the beauty industry in the first place. I’ve had my millions of shares of bad hair cuts, colours, relaxers, and even perms in my day.

Let me tell you a story…

I recall a week before getting my grade 8 grad photos taken, flipping through the latest issue of YM magazine (cover model was teenage Prince William) looking at pictures of hair when I stumbled upon a photo of Drew Barrymore. She had a cute long layered bob that was flipped out at the ends, I instantly adored it! So I asked my mom to book an appointment with a hairstylist.

It was the day of my appointment and I presented the photo of Miss Barrymore with hopes of it looking exactly like it. After my wash, my hairstylist started cutting away. She worked pretty fast so I thought she might just be that good…

Boy was I wrong! The long bob was not even a short bob to make up for it, but it was a mullety mess!! I could feel myself wanting to burst into tears as I watched more and more of my hair being chopped off. The damage was done. And you would think I’d never end up back there again right?


Everytime I needed a haircut or colour I always ended up there!! For some reason I didn’t think there was anywhere else to go!

By the time I was in high school I was so traumatized that I refused to get my hair done in a salon. So that’s when I started to experiment. I played around with at home colours like Manic Panic and I always cut my own hair. By senior year, I picked up a ton of hair tips from my friends and gained more knowledge by my own mistakes. I went from platinum blonde to green, from dreadlocks to emo hair (aka myspace hair). I had it all!

It was only natural to end up in college for cosmetics, then following hair school afterwards. Since then (7 years ago) I am filled with a little more knowledge than before!

So here’s how I see it. People are scared of going under the scissor for a few reasons:

Going to Family Salons
There is nothing wrong with these salons..when you’re 6 years old. There comes a time when it just doesn’t cut it anymore (like my pun?). As we get older, we always want to change and try different styles to suit our personalities. Some of us go into these places with very high expectations. I’m not saying the stylist are bad, but if you are looking for something more detailed and customized these may not be the salons for you.

Not Spending Enough
This can also be linked to the first reason why people go to family salons- they are a lot more affordable. But if you are now old enough to pay for your own services and are looking to get jlo’s hair colour or any other high maintenance colour, you will have to spend more to get the results you want. The reality is that you get what you pay for when it comes to your hair.

When it comes to chemical services such as colouring, treatments, or straightening, I don’t recommend cheaping it out. If you want it done correctly find a professional and experienced hairstylist with awesome reviews. You can and will find one in your budget.
Once in awhile salons will have package deals or groupons, so keep out an eye for those as well.

Colour usually needs to be touched up every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows or how complicated your colour is (like if you are blonde, a toner is usually needed every few weeks when your hair starts to look brassy or too yellow).  So it’s good to figure out if maintaining colour makes sense in your life.

Not Doing Research
With so much social media out there, there is no longer a bad excuse to not be able to find a good salon or hairstylist. The beauty of sites such as Yelp are where people can write in their reviews and experiences can help you find a great hairstylist or colourist in your area.

Along with figuring out what salon you are going to choose, you should also research and educate yourself about your own hair texture. If you have naturally course curly hair and present a photo of a model with fine straight hair you are obviously not going to get the same look. In my opinion, I think it is best to stick to models or actresses that have similar colours and textures as your own to get closer to the results you want.

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