14, 01, 2015

The Golden Year

I’ve always been a freak for gold, however this season I’ve especially been deeply in love with it. I love how it makes warm skin tones look even more glowing and radient. Nowadays getting anything in gold is much more easier to find when shopping. As you can imagine, I’ve grown a collection of gold makeup and fashion accessories. Here are my “from head to toe” gold loves.

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Gold
Not pictured but I thought I would include this since it’s what I’m wearing in my photos. I love the buttery application and high pigmentation.

Asos angel wing earrings
I’ve snatched these off Asos last year and have worn them any time a plain outfit needed some extra spice.


Butter London Nail Lacquer in West End Wonderland
I received this as a gift for Christmas and I’ve been obsessed with it since! It’s all I’ve been wearing on my nails for the last 2 weeks.

Asos smooth minimal wide rings
I purchased these from Asos in a set of 6, but unfortunately they have been sold out for awhile now. I fancy the plain design.


Vintage sequins shirt
Flashy and in your face – love it! I’m pretty sure I picked this up for under 12$ at a local vintage shop.


Zara ankle strap heels
Purchased from Zara last summer, and I wore them like crazy everywhere! I love how they can easily dress up and dress down a look.


Quicksand phone case
Fun, playful, and very inexpensive phone case that sparks up a lot of conversation. And yes, when I’m bored I do watch the glitters go up and down.

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