25, 05, 2015

The Unmentionable Guide

As warmer weather hits there’s a lot more factors we need to consider with our clothing choices; light and loose fitting are our usual go-to options, but when it comes down to our under garments – that’s another story. Wearing something as constricting as a bra in hot and humid weather can be a real pain in the arse at times. I personally hate wearing a bra in such weather but of course sometimes there are certain times and occasions where the girls just need to be places away in a safe place if you know what I’m saying! Here are a few things I look for in underwear in hot climate to help me stay cool and comfortable.

LIGHT COLOURS – We all know dark colours attract heat, so if you want to keep cool wearing lighter colours is always the best option. Though it’s mandatory for every woman to own neutral colours such as black, white, and nude in their collection, you can go beyond that especially in warmer weather. Now is the best time to get the most wear out of your more fun and colourful bras as well. *All from Aerie.

COTTON – This is a much more breathable fabric so especially for those hot and humid days cotton is always the way to go. I personally love it’s casualness and the way it makes me feel very comfortable on hot days. *Clockwise: Intimissimi Cotton/Lace Mix Bra, Aerie Boybrief, American Apparel Unisex Baby Rib Briefs [here].

BRALETTES – Regular bras can really strap you in at times so when it’s hot outside it’s not the best feeling at all to be literally stuck onto your bra instead of the other way around. Bralettes in my opinion are not only super cute but a lot more comfortable while still giving you the freedom and air to breathe around in. In recent months I’ve been reaching out way more for my bralettes than my regular bras on the daily. *Aerie Softest Lace Pushup Bralettes [here].

STRAPLESS – Sure there are certain tops and dresses that just don’t go with a regular bra therefore you throw on a strapless and it solves the problem; but even if it’s not for the fashion purposes a strapless bra in general can feel better. I use to really hate strapless bras but once I got measured properly and found bras that fit and are comfortable I love them. *Both from Aerie.

THE BARE BRA – There are those clothes we can actually get away with going braless (the most amazing feeling in the world) but for those other times we may not feel brave enough, there is the bare bra. Since they only cover the ladies your back and shoulders are free from any straps. I definitely prefer this when I’m going to a summer wedding especially. *Aerie The Bare Bra Pushup [here].

I swear I’m not sponsored by Aerie…I’m just a fanatic (lol). Stay cool ladies 😉

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  1. Bree says:

    I love Aerie as well! I find they fit me better than VS. Cute post?

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