30, 05, 2014

Travel Beauty & Makeup Guide

Earlier this week I posted how to Control High Maintenance In A Low Maintenance Way On Vacation. From my experiences, I like to consider myself a light packer (when it comes to beauty…heh). This is how I typically pack my beauty and makeup when I go on vacation.


Makeup & Brushes



Last Minute Tips and Advice:

  • Try to find travel sized products. If you can’t find any of your favourites miniaturized, buy travel bottles/sprayer at the dollar store to carry them in.
  • Your best bet is to keep anything that is liquid in a ziplock bag, even when not in your carry-on [which is required at the airport], so that there are no accidents on your clothes, electronics, and other travel items.
  • For international travel: A hair tool from North America is pretty compatible with European voltage, however in Asia, your hair tool may not survive. I recommend buying a cheap one locally [in that country] instead of possibly damaging your good one.

For those of you travelling, I hope this gave you some ideas on how to pack a bit lighter. Also I wish you have a safe and fun journey on your travels! Good luck!

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  1. That was an interesting post! I always suck at packing everythibng andf choosing essentials!


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