29, 11, 2016

Tried/tested skincare

Since colder temperatures have started to come in quickly, it’s that time again when I feel skin needs extra attention and care than usual. Tis’ the season of dry skin – often exfoliating and moisturizing particularly become major focal points once more. And in what better timing did these products come in to help rescue my skin!

Egyptian Magic
All Purpose Skin Cream
Who would have thought oily skin can also be dry at the same time? It still puzzles me when I think about how my skin can do both at the same time during the colder months. It can be a weird time especially when I need the moisture, but at the same time my oily skin can be left looking out of control and greasy. That’s why I was curious to see how my skin would react to Egyptian Magic – ‘would I look more oily or would I break out’, which were reasonable concerns. Although this all purpose skin cream does still leave skin looking oily, it has it’s functions. After my two week period testing out Egyptian Magic, I’ve noticed that my skin has been evening out, and also my new and old acne scars have slowly been starting to fade out. I’m looking forward to seeing what this can do to my skin within a month!

Grace & Stella
Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask
I know a lot of us don’t like talking about feet – like it’s something naughty – but let’s talk about feet, baby. I’ll be one to admit that no matter what season it is, my feet are dry and ashy. So when Grace & Stella sent this over to me, you bet I was more than ecstatic to try this out! Placing my feet into plastic pouches filled with liquid was a bit strange, but it gave me the time to catch up on some Netflix. The instructions mention that I wouldn’t see any peeling for at least 5-7 days, so the sicko in me felt more than eager having to play the waiting game. Exactly one week after, it was like overnight I became a snake and my dead skin was peeling like crazy. You can see the photo here – I warned you, proceed with caution. I had to start wearing socks around the house because not to be too TMI but your skin will fall off EVERYWHERE. Besides the weird week of dead skin peeling off, my feet have never felt so soft and smooth in my life! I cannot wait to do this again the next time it’s needed.

You can enter Grace & Stella’s GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a Dr. Pedicure Foot Exfoliating Mask by clicking here!

This post was NOT sponsored – I was kindly sent these products. All opinions are my own.

10 responses to “Tried/tested skincare”

  1. Wow! The Egyptian Magic sounds good – I’d love to know what makes it so magical! I do hope that you do another follow-up post on it to see how it’s worked over a few months!


  2. Face to Curls says:

    That Egyptian Magic cream sounds wonderful! I have heard some great things about it in the past!

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com

  3. cristina says:

    Now I want to try the Egyptian cream even more! Also that pedi mask sounds amazing. My heels have a tendency to look dry all the time, no matter the season.

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