02, 05, 2017

The twenty-seventeen travel wishlist

Packing for your travels does get easier over time. We may have already learned a few lessons along the way from our mistakes of over-packing, to forgetting to pack a few important things — it’s even worse when you over-pack but you forgot that one important thing! From my personal experiences, these are just a few things everyone should have on their travel wishlist.

The right bag.

When it comes to packing, I always keep in mind: The more things you have, the more things you have to worry about. People tend to assume that you have to naturally be a low-maintenance person to be able to only pack a carry-on suitcase and a purse for a 2-3 week getaway — I’m living proof that it’s not true! I love to look my best and feel like my usual self when traveling, but I also know how to pack so that everything harmonizes together. The MAHI Leather Columbus weekender bag is the ideal travel companion for those who like to keep things light and fashionable. Fast fashion is a big problem nowadays, however, all MAHI bags are made to order (with the option of embroidered initials or meaningful phrases) which helps to reduce wastage. This cuts the middle men out so that their bags are 45% cheaper than high street equivalents. Best of all, with the help of $1.50 from every MAHI sold, they were able to raise over $7,000 so far from donating to their partner water charity FRANK Water, which helps provide clean water for over 100 families in India. Nothing is better than a bag with a cause!

Capturing the moment.

Ironically, I find myself taking less photos of my life as I get older — sometimes just living in the moment seems a lot easier than worrying about retakes and what angle to hold the camera. I’ve also realized that capturing moments are important though — not to be overly dramatic, but there might come a time when we don’t remember any of these wonderful memories and experiences in our lives — pictures really do say a thousand words! I found a way to change that by upgrading my hardware. I was eyeing a mirrorless camera for awhile since I wanted something compact but powerful at the same time. I chose the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II as my new toy to get creative with and I haven’t looked back. If you’re shopping around for a camera, having the wifi option will make things a lot easier as well.

Don’t forget to keep charged…
Smarthphones do wonders in photography nowadays that even if you decide to ditch carrying around a camera, your phone will still get the job done. On my last 2 major trips I just used my Android and got many beautiful photos to print out of it. Since we also tend to over-abuse out phone usage (and sometimes data), having a portable charger is ideal for travel. There are tons on Amazon to choose from, but my favourite Anker PowerCore Portable Charger has never let me down. It lasts for 2 full charges and is lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket or bag.

Leaving on an airplane.

A certain je ne sais quoi!
White jet-setting to any of your destinations this year, it’s nice to daydream, but knowing about the culture, people, and events happening in the city you’ll be exploring prior to your visit will help make things smoother along the way. Every time I travel I never go without a Lonely Planet Guide Book and Phrase book. Usually weeks before I get on that airplane, I’m procrastinating and running around like a headless chicken, so to study up on the calm flight there is the perfect time. I like to read about all the local hot spots, as well as learn some basic phrases if the main language isn’t of my English mother tongue. You might want to learn words such as: hello (that’s a good start for anyone), thank you, where is…?, left, right, straight, in between, etc. Many of the capitals you’ll visit have locals who can speak English, but I always think it’s good manners and a good ice breaker to make an effort to speak their primary language. Just remember, they’re just as shy and nervous as you are when trying to speak your language.

Makeup of choice.

If you’re a practical non-check-in girl like I am, finding compact makeup are your fun small life goals. When I’m traveling, my mind is on vacation mode so a full face of makeup is not something I want to spend much time doing and worrying about. Thanks to my current wonderful skincare routine, I’ve come to terms with loving my complexion again — so much that on a daily basis I’ve been going foundation-less. Don’t get me wrong, my skin isn’t perfect so I still use concealer on acne scars and blemishes. To be honest, I’ve yet traveled without a BB Cream or foundation, so we’ll see what I decide what to do on my next trip! Anywho, any palettes that are bigger than my palm are a big NO to pack — to break it down, I’m usually carrying a concealer, eyebrow gel or pencil, mascara, blush, bronzer, highlight, eyeliner, and 1-2 lipsticks. I’ve also found that waterproof makeup is a must when I travel, and Make Up For Ever does it the best in my opinion. I never leave without them!

What items are on your travel wishlist?

7 responses to “The twenty-seventeen travel wishlist”

  1. Ugh, this just reminds me even more how much I need to plan a vacation. I haven’t been on a plan since the 7th grade (I know, wow right?). Having that said, I don’t even remember what it’s like to be on a plan! But this year my goal is to take a trip somewhere, anywhere!

  2. yuka says:

    the right travel bag makes all the difference! I love the one you have, the color is so pretty!


  3. fionnacblog says:

    the right bag… you are so right. i splurged on a travel sized duffle at longchamp and i love it. their quality is amazing and can go through so much so i ended up buying my travel bag from them. only thing is i wish they had a strap cause i can only hold the bag at the handles. other than that the bag helps me have a less stressful travel. but ugh i just wanna go somewhereeeeeeeeeee!


  4. Batsheva says:

    I’m keeping this short just in case it doesn’t work. A VERY LARGE BOOK. and my iPod. 😉


  5. A good bag is key for me too! I want it to be a bit oversized and yet stylish and work with my outfits, lol! Perfect post for summer too, the traveling life begins starts soon again!

    Have a lovely week babe! Xx

  6. Ooh the right bag sure makes all the difference in the world when it comes to travelling and when I’m travelling, for some reason, I never seems to have makeup on. I feel like there’s so much I have to do and get done especially with two kids that I never remember makeup so I just keep it simple. x

    • Stacey says:

      Yea for sure you don’t want to spend so much time doing your makeup, that’s why at least for me I need my eyebrows and I’m good to go LOL

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