28, 09, 2015

Vegan cheat day

Every single new year changes happened whether they were intended or not. All I knew is that I wanted this year to be a healthier one but I never thought I’d end up on mainly a vegan diet. This year especially seems to be the year of the vegan since a lot more vegans have been speaking out about this lifestyle. I’m not here to preach and if you really want to know more about veganism you must do your own research first to see if this is for you.

For me it started off as an experiment; I wanted to see how long I would last since in my teenage years I was a vegetarian but cracked under pressure after 2 years. Since I’m older and can control what I eat now I thought I can probably handle this a lot better. I completely went cold turkey – no more animal by products and of course absolutely no meat. I thought it was going to be difficult but it’s been a lot easier than excepted.

Just to name a few, my diet consist a lot of vegetables, potatoes, fruits, rice, and pasta. Like most people going into this diet, worrying about not being able to eat burgers or cheese for example can be a concern. Nowadays lots more companies are noticing and making vegan alternatives to your favourite foods. As I did mention on top that I’m “mainly” on a vegan diet. I’ve only changed into this lifestyle about 2 months ago so I’m still adjusting to it all. I’m not perfect since I do still have my weaknesses [such as my love for sashimi]. Although I haven’t had my fave red tuna in those 2 months I know that there’s still some self-control that needs improvement. So although my diet has changed dramatically I still can’t fully call myself a vegan – I eat mostly on a vegan diet is the correct term perhaps.

Since I shared my little story I thought I’d go on to one of my favourite vegan dishes that I like to prepare when I crave some comfort food – bunless hamburger topped with guacamole and Tabasco sauce served with taco seasoned french fries on the side!

The veggie/vegan pattie itself is made of shredded sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and seasoned with cilantro, basil, garlic, and pan fried with only a bit of coconut oil. For the guac I use one avocado and mix it with sliced tomatoes, cilantro, a dash of lime juice, and pitch of salt and pepper. As for the french fries I season them with garlic, basil, and taco seasoning before throwing them in the oven for 25 minutes (yes there’s no oil added). When everything is finished I like to add some Tabasco sauce on top of the burger and guacamole for an extra kick.

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