25, 07, 2015

Windy Summer

Deep down I have the soul of an island girl so when summertime rolls around I usually end up complaining about not feeling enough heat, but in reality I am grateful that we don’t have horrible humidity like a lot of other cities do. I’ve been learning to appreciate this comfortable summer weather and funny enough these days have been pretty windy which has been balancing out the warm weather well.

I’ve been into light colours and patterns recently since I’ve coloured my hair back to a darker tone. I feel when I have dark hair I need to compensate the darkness for lighter clothes or pieces that are a bit more on the girlish side. Anyone else feel that way? I’ve also been taking a lot of advantage of clutch purses instead since it’s a nice break to get away from straps.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Crop Tank Top [alternatives: 123], Zara Floral Shorts [alternatives: 12], Worishofer Sandals [here], Vintage Snap Clutch.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! xo

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  1. hey. Loved the post. Do check out mine @ https://theregalrebel.wordpress.com 🙂

  2. Aw thank you :DDD <3

  3. Great combination 😉 It looks great!

  4. I absolutely love your blog so I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! (Sorry If I sent this already, I’m not sure if the comment was sent!)

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