25, 01, 2017

With the foundation

When makeup is your passion, it’s easy to let everything else slip by the wayside. You may already know you need a hair trim, but would rather save the money for that lipstick shade you’ve been eyeing for awhile now. Or perhaps the claims of the latest revolutionary skincare line sounds like something you may want to give a try – and the list goes on! Obsession with makeup, with tips and tricks to make your eyes pop and your lips pout – and never thinking about the other things that can impact your makeup. To get the most from your beauty products you have to look at the base and frame of your face.

The hairstyle you choose

Whether you think so or not, hair frames your face and helps put your overall look together. If your makeup is beautifully applied, then it deserves to be complemented and not distracted from. Picking a style that complements your face shape will do wonders. Another factor is the need for volume, which can be done with styling tools or backcombing as shown on Youtube.com along with many other hair tutorials. Finally, when it comes to your hair colour, always try and keep in mind the overall impact of which makeup shades can emphasize your look.

Your smile

One of the first things people may notice are our smile. Have no fear when it comes to this topic because the truth is no one has perfect teeth. We all have things we can or want to improve on such as the alignment or the shade of our teeth. We are very lucky to be living in a world of dental cosmetics and teeth whitening, so these are great options to consider. Talk to your dentist or visit Teethwhiteningathometips.com to ensure you have a smile that isn’t going to detract from your lip colour.

The health of your skin

Personally, I believe taking care of your skin is more important than makeup because no makeup can ever cover up a rough complexion. Whether you’re skin type is dry or oil, exfoliation is your friend. To smooth out your facial surface, exfoliating should be a regular part of your weekly skincare routine. Try delicate products rather than harsh scrubs with heavy particles, or perhaps consider chemical exfoliations which are my favourite to use.

11 responses to “With the foundation”

  1. Kathryn says:

    You’re right, skincare is so important! Plus, I find that I have more fun with makeup when I’ve been taking better care of my skin to begin with. Thanks for sharing!

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  2. Jeanne says:

    Yes, I’m starting to take extra care of my skin now. Investing in quality products.


  3. These tips are extremely important! I usually just don’t care about my hair’s appearance at all, and then I see someone with this amazing hairdo and think about all the great things I could do with mine if I tried.

  4. Velvet Blush says:

    Really agree with starting with a good base! My skin is on the dry side so I do need to exfoliate quite often to keep those dry patches at bag 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

  5. alittlekiran says:

    Great post, I think hair and smile especially are so important as most people can overlook it. Your health is paramount, looking after yourself and taking good care of your skin etc. go along way and help to view makeup as fun rather than necessary. I hate the idea that some people may think they need to hide behind makeup. Thank you for sharing x

    Kiran | http://www.alittlekiran.co.uk

    • Stacey says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Makeup should be there to enhance, not to change everything. I think especially now in a world where everything is documented online and all types of filters can be done on with photos and videos, it makes it more difficult to accept our own beauty…I think we all need a reminder of how beautiful we all are though!

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