28, 07, 2016

Feel better on your period

We all may dread this time of the month, and for very good reason. Bears can smell the menstruation – Anchorman reference, anyone? No? Ok. On a more serious note, if you have an ovarian cyst like I do (mine is nothing serious) it can sometimes make your periods unpleasant. These are a few ways that help to make that time of the month a bit more likable.

Choose protection that is comfortable
We all have our preferences, but as for me I always end up back to my trusted pads. I know pads get a bad rep for the cause of leaks and chemicals that are bad for you and the environment, but as a long time pad user I can say pads have come a long way and aren’t what you once remembered them to be. The Veeda Natural Cotton Pads are a great example of that since they’re free of chemicals, synthetics, dyes, are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and best of all are biodegradable.

Pamper yourself
For some ladies, periods mean it’s the one week they can let themselves go. I personally think it’s the time when you should take care of yourself the most. Maybe you’re lucky enough to be glowing when you’re on your period, but for a lot of us women we find that our skin isn’t cooperating well and leaving us with break outs to battle out. My favourite right now is the Nuvsio Start Pure Active Mineral Facial Treatment, which has really been helping to detoxify, nourish, and purify deeply into the layers of my skin. It has seriously stopped spots from trying to emerge to ruin my day, and instead has helped so much with the look and feel of my acne prone skin.

Shave and stay moisturized
Along the lines of trying to not let ourselves go – shaving and keeping our skin hydrated is a must. I’m usually already feeling frumpy and not fully myself, I like to at least look good and put together. I recommend using a shaving cream instead of plain old soap. Trust me, you will notice a huge difference the the appearance and feeling your legs afterwards. I’ve been loving the EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss, followed by their Berry Blossom Body Lotion, which has been the best combination I’ve used on my skin to date.

Eat clean
I know, I know – you just want to eat everything and anything bad when it’s that time of the month, but if you’re already feeling bloated it’s best to stay clear of anything fried or loaded with a lot of fat. It depends on what kind of diet you follow, but I find sticking to healthy hearty meals to be the most comforting food throughout these times. Soups, fresh salads, and tons of carbs are my go tos.

Read your feelings
I don’t know about you, but I’m an emotional wreak when I’m menstruating. One moment I’m cheerful and smiling, then the next moment I’m crying over spilled milk. You won’t catch me watching The Notebook, but you will find me relaxing with books along with the subject on love. It’s probably the hormones that get me in the romantic and loving mood. My current read right now is The 5 Love Languages – might I also mention it’s the first time I’m reading a book on Google Play Books and it’s pretty awesome to have a book on my phone with me wherever I go!

How do you make your period a more comfortable one?

17 responses to “Feel better on your period”

  1. Pablo Parra (Fungi) says:

    ¡Hola Stacey! Espero hayas pasado un feliz cumpleaños, desde Barcelona te mando un abrazo y te deseo lo mejor 😀

    Bueno, yo no tengo periodo, jajaja, pero pues mis amigas siempre están hablando de lo molesto que pueden llegar a ser esos días, así que les compartiré este artículo sin duda 😀

    Lo que si he oído de una amiga es que cuando le llega su período (y algo que algunos tienden a tachar de malo) es que sale a correr y hace más actividad física

    Un beso 😉
    Fungi Express blog

    • Stacey says:

      Hola Pablo y muchas gracias por tus palabras! Jajaja considérate afortunado! Que es un momento muy desafortunado tanto emocional y físicamente :[

  2. I agree with pampering yourself when you’re on your period – my skin is completely horrible for that week. I also have PCOS so it’s not the best time of the month and tampons can be rather infuriating to use. I love the sound of this natural brand and I think it’s important that we realize the chemicals that are poured into our feminine hygiene products.

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • Stacey says:

      I thought I had PCOS or endometriosis because I would get horrible pains during and after my period. I do however have a cyst on one of my ovaries (use to be on the other side too but it erupted) but I can’t imagine the discomfort you go through each month 🙁 Hopefully medication works for you!

    • Veeda says:

      Hi Lindsey,
      Thank you very much for appreciating natural and safe products.

  3. Great tips! I need a lot of pampering this time of month. 😉 Eating clean really helps too. The Nuvsio Start Pure Active Mineral Facial Treatment, sounds good. I just feel ikky and so this probably would be really nice. xx-S

  4. Josune says:

    that time of the month I can get so bloated and still crave for fried stuff and sweet things, eating clean I agree could help out to feel a bit better with yourself! pero es tan difficult de resistir!! jajaja 🙂 I do pamper myself a bit extra those days! that shaving cream looks very good! I am using my boyfriends shaving cream at the moment, haha, I will go out and look for this one! :p – un beso

    Have a great weekend!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


    • Stacey says:

      Jajaja estoy de acuerdo….en mi regla de todo lo que quiero para comer son las papas fritas<3 of course it's fine to treat yourself, but eating clean for the majority of your time helps so much with bloating. Better get your own shaving cream before your boyfriend notices 😛 hahhah! Besos!

  5. I really need to try the EOS shaving cream – it sounds lovely xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Eat clean is probably the hardest thing, just want to eat chocolate! Xx


  7. fionnacblog says:

    girl i love veeda. i worked with them and tried their pads and they’re amazingggg. i just wish they were more easily accessible :/


  8. Augustin Ra says:

    I always trusted Google Playbooks as my e-book reader. I have a lot of books in my library and it has always save me in times I don’t have anything to do. Hehe 🙂 Good thing, you’ve found pads which are very environment friendly and of course, good for us, women. How I wish there are some of them here in the Philippines, though.

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