22, 03, 2017

A capsule wardrobe

Remember when capsule wardrobes were all the rage last year? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re about to get big again, especially now when minimal inspired living keeps on growing. Since this type of wardrobe is so minimalist – some have less that twenty pieces of clothing in them!

The whole point of slimming down your wardrobe in this way is so that it helps you declutter your life. Lots of us have loads of items of clothing, some of which we rarely wear. As a result, our closets and wardrobes are often overflowing with untouched items that haven’t seen the light in years or worse, still have price tags attached. If this is the same with you, it’s time to have a clean out and add just a few very versatile items to your wardrobe.

Four Steps to a
Capsule Wardrobe.

1.Clean out your closet
First of all, you need to spring clean your wardrobe and get rid of all the clothes that you very rarely wear. There is no point of holding on to any of these if you never really use them. Once you have cleared your closet, you will find that you have a lot more space for your clothes now. They won’t all be bunched up together getting creased!

2. Assess the clothes that are left over
Now you need to take your time and go through each and every individual piece that is left in your wardrobe. Do you absolutely love it? If so, then you should keep it. However, if you feel indifferent to a piece, then you should get rid of it. One of the main ideas behind a capsule wardrobe is that you only have a few items of clothing, but you love them all. There shouldn’t be any sweaters, jeans, and any other items that you don’t want to wear in there.

3. Buy versatile pieces
As soon as you have more space in your wardrobe, it’s time to go shopping and buy some versatile and more practical clothing that best suits for your lifestyle. Don’t worry; this won’t be too expensive. You can save money if you visit Coupon Sherpa or another online coupon site. There are often lots of coupons and deals available on these sites for a variety of fashion stores. When you are buying new clothes, try and stay away from very bright and bold pieces. More often than not, neutral clothing is a lot more versatile than statement pieces.

4. Be honest about what you actually need
When you are buying new clothes for your capsule wardrobe, it’s important that you are honest with yourself about the types of clothes you need. For instance, if you work from home (a.k.a. blogger), you can probably get away with more comfortable clothing or even have a bit more fun and freedom with your style, whereas those who are in meetings for most days might find it necessary to invest in suits and sophisticated clothing. And if you are a gym bunny, you might want to add a nice sporty twist to your wardrobe.

Are you ready to spring clean and
slim down your wardrobe?

8 responses to “A capsule wardrobe”

  1. My ultimate goal is to have a capsule warddrobe! This weekend I’m going to go through my clothing collection again and slim down more. It’s really refreshing to have only a few options – especially if you’re lazy hehe. I find it so much easier to plan outfits.

    Thanks for sharing these tips! Versatile pieces are a definite must!

    • Stacey says:

      Exactly! When you have a capsule wardrobe you already know what you have which helps with the stress of not knowing what to wear lol

  2. I love the tones in your capsule wardrobe! I [sort of] have one as well. I have a roommate and she has the closet, so I bought myself a little rack, and unfortunately not all my clothes fit on there. I have some stored away under my bed; but it’s made me realize how much I really don’t need! I’m still in the process of minimizing it even more, but it’s quite refreshing every time that I i add or get rid of a piece to be honest! With limited space, I find that you really make use of what you may or may not need. 🙂

    • Stacey says:

      Exactly! Well that sounds like an awesome challenge for yourself! I think especially for bloggers they feel a pressure like they always need tons of clothes and the latest trends, but honestly why waste money on something you’re going to wear like twice? When you have a capsule wardrobe it’s easy to pair almost every piece with each other <3

  3. Julia says:

    I love this post– especially the whole ‘be honest about what you need’ part. I definitely don’t have a capsule wardrobe (i have too many clothes that I’m emotionally attached to) but I definitely can give away some of my clothes and I feel like that could be beneficial and less cluttered. And I could definitely be more careful about buying new things. Great post! I’ll have to work my way towards a capsule wardrobe some day 😉
    Julia || juliainbluhm.com

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve had clothes I was emotionally attached to as well and I know the pain but honestly it’s better to let go and not have it a worry anymore. I did allow myself to keep one piece of clothing I cherished which was a band t-shirt hehe. I’m sure once you sort things out you will start to see what you really need <3

  4. Such a good idea! Starting a capsule wardrobe has been on my list for a while – but I just don’t do it. Don’t know why…. Although I did get rid of a whole bunch of clothes already! 🙂

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