22, 06, 2017

A little platinum

Throughout my entire adulthood so far, I’ve always been a forever gold kinda girl. I truly cannot even remember the last time I’ve ever worn pieces that weren’t gold. There’s also always been that rule in the back of my head that cool toned skin equals platinum/silver, and warm toned skin equals gold being the best for metals for each. Of course rules can always be broken when it comes to style, and now was definitely one of those moments for me.


Sometimes you can be left puzzled when you’re not use to wearing a certain style or colour to anything. When I was sent over a few Platnium Jewelry pieces from their Platnium Cali line I was a bit unsure of how I could make these elegant pieces work into my everyday outfits. I’ve personally always viewed platinum as very sophisticated, chic, and something that only certain people can wear day to day — whereas gold has always been something I’ve seen as easier to pull off. Anything that you put on my body can really change things up, with not only the way you look, but also the way you carry yourself. When you’re wearing the right clothing and accessories, you feeling confident — like nothing in the world can stop you. I specifically loved the Platnium Cali designs for their calligraphy flow in style.


As each one of these are very special, showcasing their beauty is a lot easier than expected. You can call me old-fashioned, and perhaps I’m just not the right person to pull this off in a simpler style, but I find that the Platnium Cali Earrings are something that cannot be entirely casual downed. Although the style is very simple, it creates a big impact on your look; and depending on what you’re wearing, it can work with you or against you. However, I’m such an earrings fanatic so these came as a wonderful addition, and I see these being especially perfect for more formal occasions.

The Platnium Cali Ring on the other hand (unintentional pun) is something that can easily be dress up or down. Of all these beautiful pieces, this one is my favourite for that. You may be surprised to know that when it comes to choosing clothing and accessories to add into my wardrobe, I’m a bit fashionista standards practical in some ways that they must be able to incorporate with the rest of my closet — of course this is just a guide and I do have items that don’t always flow exactly together, but you gotta spice of your look once in awhile! Going back to the point, this ring can pretty much go with everything in my wardrobe — weather I’m in a plain white tee or in a gown — this is going to work with it all.

The whole minimalistic moment has been around for ages, but has only gained more popularity in these last few years or so, and has really been surfacing on our style as well. Although I admit I love my minimal and dainty jewelry pieces, it’s nice to jazz things up for a change. Pendants can be just as dainty and wearable for everyday as well. The Platnium Cali Pendant is a necklace that really surprised me. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it would be as versatile as it actually is — it just proves that looks can be deceiving! It also makes a plain outfit a lot more interesting, which I absolutely love and will be styling more frequently with my day to day outfits.

Which one is your preference – platinum or gold?

8 responses to “A little platinum”

  1. fionnacblog says:

    i love the necklace. looks so nice with what you’re wearing or for a night out x


  2. Velvet Blush says:

    I always used to go for massive jewellery pieces a few years ago and now I do cringe slightly haha! I love minimalist pieces nowadays, especially that necklace! My undertones aren’t overly warm, so I do tend to go for both silver and gold jewellery, depending on the outfit I’m wearing 🙂 x

    Velvet Blush

    • Stacey says:

      Hahah do you remember when chunky big beads were in?? I was so guilty of wearing this style :] You’re so lucky you can pull off both! I feel that when I wear platinum or silver they have to be only accents because if anything too flashy I will start to look cray hahah

  3. Kay says:

    Gorgeous pieces! Very delicate and feminine, definitely my kind of style. Thanks for sharing, lovely! xoxo


  4. Emily says:

    Gold can often bring me out in a rash so I would definitely opt for platinum! These are some beautiful pieces which would make lovely gifts – even if it’s just for you!

    Musings & More

    • Stacey says:

      Oh wow! I haven’t known anyone who had that happen to but well we react different to things. As for me if I wear fake silver my skin just get really itchy :/

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