07, 01, 2015

A New(er) You For the New Year

Image via happytownusa.etsy.com

Image via happytownusa.etsy.com

I know I’m a little late on this one, but in my opinion it’s never too late for anything! New years bring opportunities to make self-improvements and adjustments for a better you. Like I said, it’s never too late (it’s been only seven days!) to start now and make every moment from now on count. So here are some ideas you can follow to start fresh for the new year!

Learn a new skill
Whether it’s taking that Italian class you’ve been curious about, or picking up that cooking book you received 2 birthdays ago; now is the time to develop new skills that can improve your life. Learning something not only builds knowledge but can lead into new skills, new hobbies, and perhaps even new places – the possibilities are endless! So go ahead, sign up for that Cha-Cha dance class you’ve been eyeing for awhile.

Get rid of bad habits
If you thought about breaking your smoking habit, or even taking control of your shopping addiction now is the time to follow-up on it. “I can’t do it”, “I’ll try”, and “maybe” should be scratched away from your mind phrasebook. From my experience the best way is to completely eliminate the bad (you will get over it!) and create a mantra to remind yourself to stay strong. So stop meeting up with that shitty guy (yes, I said it) who keeps ringing you for booty calls, or even picking at the zits on your face. Bad habits be gone!

Develop good habits
It’s no brainer on this one, but the little things count. From simply remembering to floss your teeth every night to eating breakfast every morning – developing these habits are not only beneficial for your health (did you know studies show that flossing can help reduce the risk of strokes?!) but help with self-organization. So eat your breakfast, brush your teeth, and don’t forget to gloss!

Take more risks
This is the year to leap and to take chances! Only worrying and thinking negatively about the “what ifs” will get you no where. As for regrets, well, your biggest regret will be never doing what you wanted. Life is built with many beautiful moments and opportunities to explore. Want to pack your bags and move to an entirely different city? Or overall quit your job and go on a year soulful adventure (Eat, Pray, Love style)? Or perhaps just wanting to try and move in with your boyfriend? DO IT. You have the main controls to your life, so live your life the way that will make you happy.

Build confidence
We all deal with it and figuring out where and how we can find it; well…sometimes can be the tricky part. Building confidence and self-esteem can start from anywhere. It can easily be from revamping your current wardrobe, meeting new people, or starting a workout routine that can fit into your busy schedule. Creating and surrounding yourself with positivity will do wonders for your overall health. Start looking at yourself in a new light. Praise all the good you have and don’t mind the rest. After all, you are a star!

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