19, 03, 2017

Bad hair

Although it’s normal to have those days where we look in the mirror and groan at our hair, it still sucks when your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. If bad hair days are becoming a regular thing it might be time to look at your current hair routine. After all, it might be something simple at fault that can be changed to ensure you have better days. Some factors that could be stopping your hair from looking the most fabulous it could be include:

Using heat styling tools every single day.

A lot of us may get in the habit of using heat styling tools every day. Whether it’s your hairdryer, your curling iron, or straighteners, it can be essential to ensure we get our hair looking just right. But as much as they can be useful, the heat could be causing you to have regular bad hair days. As it says on https://www.matrix.com/, heat damages your hair and could be causing all those split ends. And you might notice it appears dry and limp if you are using your tools excessively. To help turn things around, you should have a break from using them every single day. For a matter of fact, why not embrace your natural texture?! I know not a lot of us like our natural hair, but as you start to let it be you will learn to love it again. I’ve notice I get the most compliments when I leave my hair to dry to it’s naturally very wavy state! And when you do return to using your heating tools, always make sure you find a good heat protector which will protect your locks.

Using shampoo and conditioner full of chemicals.

You might always pick up the same shampoo and conditioner when you go to the store. We get into a habit of using the same brand, but if your hair is not in tip-top condition it’s worth checking what’s in your hair products. Many big brands use heavy chemicals that are damaging and can really ruin your hair rather than making it better. If you notice sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) on the list, this could be the reason for your poor hair. In fact, this chemical as you can read about on NaturalHavenCo.com can actually cause things like skin irritations. Therefore switching to natural haircare products will be a lot healthier for not only your hair, but for your own health as well. Ones which are made from natural ingredients like coconut milk will turn your hair around for the better.

Not brushing your hair before bed.

A lot of us head to bed without doing anything to our hair. We are often too tired to work on our hair, but if you aren’t giving it a good brush before bed, you could be waking up with hair which is full of knots in the morning. Before you hit the hay you should make brushing your hair a part of your night time beauty routine. You will then wake up with hair which is much easier to handle; also avoid putting it in a ponytail before going to bed. Otherwise you will have even more knots to deal with before you wash your hair the next day.

13 responses to “Bad hair”

  1. I have noticed a huge change in my hair ever since I started blow-drying it more frequently! It’s crazy how much it affects your hair instantly. Brushing your hair before bed is a must!


    • Stacey says:

      Blow driers do wonders but they are also the demon to hair lol. I think especially since it’s winter we don’t want to go around with wet hair when it’s already so cold out!

  2. Great tips! Brushing your hair before going to bed is a nice idea. Sometimes I ponytail it too so it’s not as messy when I wake up. I also use coconut oil in my hair sometimes.

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

  3. I could probably need to brush my hair more often, especially before going to bed haha. I definitely needs to show it more love. But I thankfully rarely use any heating tools! Xx


  4. laura anne says:

    I loved reading this, I’ve been obsessed recently about looking after my hair ( I even did a blog post on it too) I would add regular hair cuts to the list too! x


    • Stacey says:

      Oh how could I forget that one ha! For sure, regular hair cuts are great as well…although I’m very guilty of not getting them done too often :]

  5. Hillory says:

    Having a bad hair day drives me totally nuts. Love the suggestion of brushing out you hair before bed — I need to try that!




  6. Katherine Tran says:

    I definitely need to brush my hair before bed more often!


  7. These are great tips. I so agree with you about brushing your hair before bed. I have gone to bed many times without brushing my hair and I pay for it the next morning with more knots than I would have liked.

  8. I usually let my hair airdry but it is so cold that I hate to have my hair wet, even if I’m staying at home, so I have to blowdry. I hope the weather gets a little warmer.

    • Stacey says:

      I know what you mean! It’s also been cold here so there have been days where I just need to blow dry my hair to stay warm. Surely when the weather gets warmer, this hair is going to be a lot more air dried!

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