18, 07, 2012

A Vagabond, though Rooted in Style

Don’t call it a comeback. Sorry folks! I’ve been missing in action for the last couple of weeks so that may explain the delay in my posts. My, have I missed this.

It’s summer and what most people do when they have some time off is: travel. Who wouldn’t? I heard an awesome quote a few days ago that goes like this:

“The World is a Book. When you do not travel, you only read one page”

As an aspiring self-proclaimed vagabond,  I want to read this book from cover to cover. Even twice.

This summer, I will be travelling to Europe in August, specifically Ireland and Scotland for 2 weeks to visit my sister and her husband who currently reside there.

I like to think I travel a lot, maybe not as much as I want since expenses hold me back, but for the most part, I try to. And, most times when I do travel, I rarely find the time, patience and even space to pack my whole closet – thus, finding ways to be super stylish but also comfortable (especially for the sight-seeing adventures) when you’re in the streets of Paris or Milan seem impractical unless you’re Beyonce or Mariah Carey (who wears 5 inch heels to Disney World? I’m just saying.)

The point is when you travel, you pack light, you pack for comfort and you also pack for the weather.

It would be easy packing for Mexico or any other hot destination because the majority of your luggage would be bathing suits. But Ireland and Scotland in August? Hmmm. That’s a tough one.

In Ontario, Canada where I reside, our summer’s are fairly hot and humid. But in Ireland and Scotland, apparently it’s not so much. Word has it – it rains. Frequently. Often. Maybe, all the time with hints of sun light here and there.

From what I hear though and what I’ve read, all that rain makes Ireland and Scotland what is is; Lush, Green and Beautiful. My sister Nikki has reassured me the scenery is breathtaking.

Is this a perfect opportunity for photo sessions with breathtaking scenery then? I think yes!

But you better believe it –  I plan to be a little stylish tourist ready for the weather and the rolling green hills!

Below, I have compiled 4 different outfits I would probably see myself wearing when traveling to Ireland and Scotland.

Who says you can’t be damn cute in the rain?


T.Babaton – Bergen Blouse in Abstract Animal (originally $120) – www.aritzia.com

T.Babaton – Alvin Shorts (originally $110) – www.aritzia.com

Printed Lace Raincoat (originally $89.32) – www.freepeople.com

Dilute Leopard Loafers (originially $80.00) – www.Anthropologie.com

 The Kinney Reader Eye Frames ($200-500) – www.needsupplyco.com

 Gold Arc bracelet ($80.00) – www.shopsupplyroom.com


Taluta Trooper Jacket – in Surplus (originally $120) – www.aritzia.com

 V-Fringe Brown Purse ($25.00) – www.brandymelvilleusa.com/

 Always in Bloom Dress ($34.00) – www.shopconversationpieces.com/

 Sam Edelman Lisle Ankle Boot (originally $160) – www.urbanoutfitters.com

 Max & Chloe – Emily Elizabeth Jewelery Polished Fern Leaf Bangle ($98) – www.maxandchloe.com


Lizzie Fortunato Medicine Woman Necklace (approximately $200-500) – www.francesmay.com

 Citizens of Humanity – Dylan – San Marco Denim Pants ($236) – www.aritzia.com

 Vivid Beginning Oxfords ($79) – www.Anthropologie.com

Super Duper Strength –  Karen Walker Sunglasses – www.karenwalkereyewear.com

 Sail Me Away Shirt ($21.00) – http://www.conversationpieces.com

 Fashion Rebel Vest by Strong and Dickerson ($78.00) – www.shopconversationpieces.com


River Island Beaded Tribal Belt ($24.86) – www.asos.com

Loeffler Randall Rain Boot ($150) – www.loefflerrandall.com/

 Community Prana Sweater – Finch (originally $85) – www.aritzia.com

 Wilfred Wallis Skirt ($125) – www.aritzia.com

The Classic – Cambridge Satchel Company ($150-250) – www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk/

 Anthropologie Hertiage Rain Coat – www.Anthropologie.com

 Deep Freeze Karen Walker Eyewear – www.karenwalkereyewear.com

Jean Paul Gaultier Umbrella ($75.00) – www.openingceremony.us

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