06, 10, 2015

Fall currents

It didn’t feel like fall on the official first day of the new season – it did however kick in on the last two weeks of the month. Either way it wasn’t difficult to go straight into the spirit of fall with fall inspired fashion and beauty. Besides looking great while staying warm but it’s definitely the time where your style can really shine through.

Urban Outfitters Ecote Ankle Boots
A fall wardrobe is never complete without a pair [or a couple] of ankle boots. I’ve had these ones for two seasons now and I love them for a quick fix to make any casual look a little bit more interesting. On the real, a lot of us aren’t everyday heel wearers, however this chunky heel is perfect if you’re looking for more comfort.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black
I’m a huge fan of both the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Nirvana White fragrances. Since I wore Nirvana White for most of the summer, and with the change of moods that go along with the seasons I decided it was time to switch it up as well. Nirvana Black is a very sexy warm sandalwood/vanilla scent so whenever I need that confidence boost this has been my go-to.

Ettika Hand Chain
Last month was a very unforgettable month since it was my sister’s wedding, and as a gift to the bridesmaids we all got our own gold hand chains that my sister picked out. I’ve been obsessed with chain accessories for a while now and this hand chain just added to my small but growing collection. I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since it’s dainty and looks good with almost all my outfits.

Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss | Anise
Sadly I wasn’t blessed with lips that are compatible with lipstick as part of an everyday rountine so lipgloss is usually my jam. Arbonne sent this to me and I’m so glad that they did because I don’t think I would’ve found a colour more perfect for fall. It’s a beautiful warm red-brown and the smell is a sweet pepper scent which makes it even more appealing.

Fit Me Shine-Free Balance Foundation | Cappuccino
I’m very loyal to my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer but I wanted to try something else for a harder contour look. I’ve seen a lot of great reviews on the Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation as a contour stick so I went ahead on the search for the shade Coconut at first, but had no luck finding it so I opted for Cappuccino instead. I was a bit skeptic about the warm tones but it actually still plays off well as a contour so I would recommend this if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative.

ASOS Double Compartment Cross Body Bag
If you follow me on instagram you may notice this bag making an awful lot of appearances and that’s because I’m in love with it! I don’t have a bag this size in my collection and the fact that it can go from a casual cross body bag to an elegant clutch makes it possibly my dream bag. The two zipper compartments and the simple design with accents of gold hardware make it perfect to carry around anywhere.

What have been your fall favourites so far?

7 responses to “Fall currents”

  1. iamserenel says:

    Love all your fall bits, the boots are amazing <3 & I love the hand chain!!!

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  2. Melisa R says:

    I love everything! I’ve always been afraid of heeled boots but those are making me reconsider my fears.

  3. Swati Dixit says:

    What a cute collection! Especially that hand chain, so dainty and pretty! That lip gloss color is gorgeous!

  4. Ah it’s so tricky because in Australia we’re always in opposite seasons to you guys! Love those ankle boots and the bag, I’ve been looking for a classic black bag like that for ages- not too big and not too small.


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