22, 03, 2015

Kanagawa: Things To Do

When I first did my Tokyo: Things To Do I realized I left out an amazing part of my 3 week adventure in Japan which was going to Kanagawa; specifically – Kamakura and Yokohama. Kamakura is a small but beautiful city that is home to a ton of shrines, temples, and other amazing historical monuments. It really was refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo for a bit to experience such beauty and peace there. As for Yokohama (the capital of the Kanagawa Prefecture), it was just as amazing to see with my very own eyes even if it was very briefly.

Here are a few things I did while exploring Kanagawa.

2 responses to “Kanagawa: Things To Do”

  1. Beautiful photos! Kamakura and Yokohama seem amazing! I would like to go there one day just to see the beautiful temples and caves and also taste the dorayaki (hope I spelled it right) it looks delicious:)

  2. […] that I’d love to share with you. If you didn’t notice last Sunday I had a post on my visit to Kanagawa, so I’m going to stick with this Japan series just for a bit. As I was looking at my photos […]

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