18, 02, 2015

Let’s Talk Geek

No matter what our age, there’s still always going to be that big kid in us that want cute and random things that will help bring back some joy into our busy lives – besides, life doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously! There’s definitely no shame here when I say I’m not afraid of letting my inner playfulness come out every now and then.

Key chains: It only makes sense to have the most random knick-knacks hanging off your USB keys. I have 2 of my favourite things on mine, a koala (alternative [here]) and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel in voodoo style.

Power Rangers T-shirt: If you’re a kid of the early 90s, you know that we take our nostalgic items very seriously. Especially now that the 90s fades seem to be back in style, we are seeing a lot of things that are reminding us of the better days. So adding some Power Rangers into your collection only comes natural.

Hottie Hot Water Bottle: Ladies, you know how that time of the month can be some of the worst days ever, so why settle for a normal ol’ hot water bottle when you can have a cute pal to ease the pain? I spotted this at a local craft show and fell in awe. It’s such a small detail that makes that time of month so much more comforting. [purchase].

UrbanEars Headphones: I’m a simple kind of girl, and I’m probably missing out on some of the best sound quality out there, but these headphones are just so damn cute. If you’re more into colourful styles then look no further since UrbanEars has a huge range out colours for every type of personality. [purchase].

It’s Not How You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden: Sometimes we need an inspiration boost and this book has helped for the many times I needed the motivation. Some of my favourite quotes include, “When it can’t be done, do it. If you don’t do it, it doesn’t exist” and “If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules”. [purchase].

5 responses to “Let’s Talk Geek”

  1. Aww, everything is so cute

  2. angelzhng says:

    Would you recommend that book? I’ve been loving motivational and inspirational books lately ! Always looking for some new ones to read.
    By the way, just discovered your blog off the Canadian Beauty Bloggers directory ! Lovin it ! glad to see some fellow canadians doing well in the blogging world!


    • I personally love this book. I got it a few years ago and I still always return to it to get inspired again. It’s possible to finish it in one sitting so it’s actually shorter than you might think. Depends if you like that or not.
      Thanks for the lovely comment hehe 🙂

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