04, 07, 2017

Life & Geometrics

July is the month of my birthday and in this month I feel the most in my element. This is the month where I’m unstoppable and that anything I want to do is possible with the right drive and determination. As a Leo and fire sign in the zodiac, it only comes natural to feel at home in some spotlight. Aside from that, there’s also something very special about summer. The sun’s out, our bodies are warmer, inspiration is felt all over, and all doubts go away.

The July birthstone is ruby, and gold is one of the colours that also best represent the Leo — that definitely explains why I’m so draw to anything gold! Gold speaks in many volumes and can be effortlessly worn dressed up or down. I’m pretty proud of myself for expanding my jewelry collection, since as a teenager and very early in my adulthood I only really wore plastic black bracelets or ball chain necklaces. And my days as a scene kid were experimental, as I went ahead and gauged my ear piercings to a size 0 (almost went 00). Although I didn’t go too big, my earlobes haven’t exactly been the same prior to gauging, and for a long time I was very self-conscious about them not looking the way they use to. I’ve come to realize it’s not that bad, and whatever I’ve done in the past was apart of who I was and still am. It’s really just a fun memory of the crazy things I’ve done in the past, and a reminder to never give up that spontaneous youthful side of myself.


There’s something special about geometric jewelry that’s very clean and minimalistic. Ofina Jewelry let me pick out a few of their pieces, and their wide geometric collection made it very difficult to choose only one favourite. I never knew I was so drawn to the shape of the circle until now. It’s such a simple shape, perhaps boring to some, but the symbolic meanings behind it is much bigger — for it represents wholeness, original perfection, the infinite and eternity. It’s probably a bit weird to speak so highly and deeply about a shape, but the idea of something being endless like a circle is hopeful and illuminative.

Ofina Jewelry also let me in on one of their soon to be released geometric ear threads. They will be available for purchase in both circle and square shapes. If you haven’t noticed by now I’m a hoops kinda girl and thought I should switch things up for a change, so I chose the square ear threads. I know I’ve been really taking it back with this post, but I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia with these earrings. One of the first pieces of jewelry I received for my birthday were a pair of gold ear thread earrings from one of my aunts. My mom always let me wear them on special occasions to make me feel like a glamorous adult.

Wearing: Akira Body Suit, Ofina Jewelry Circle Ring [here], Tiny Brushed Disc on Ball Chain Necklace [similar], Square Ear Thread [coming soon!].

17 responses to “Life & Geometrics”

  1. Lauren says:

    I love geometric patterns at the moment, they’re so pretty!

    Lauren x Huggled

  2. Gorgeous jewelry, love how you captured the elegance of these pieces.


  3. Velvet Blush says:

    I think the earrings look really good on you! P.S your ears look absolutely fine, I didn’t notice anything! You have some of the nicest taste in jewellery as well xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Stacey says:

      You’re so sweet, thank you!! I’ve been really self-conscious about them for years so it’s nice to hear that you think they look fine :’]

  4. Akshita says:

    Beautiful post Stacey, both the pictures as well as the writing! 🙂 I share the same love for gold as well and it’s so true that it can be dressed up or down. These dainty pieces look gorgeous on you, with the circle necklace (I have a similar one!) as well as the hanging square shaped earrings being my favourite <3 xo

    • Stacey says:

      You’re such a doll Akshita! For the longest time I wanted a circle ring so this was amazing to be gifted! I think gold just also looks amazing on our skin tones! When I wear silver I feel like it washes me out a bit (probably in my head lol)

  5. Fernanda says:


    Os produtos são bem delicados e lindos!! Gostei muito.

    Um beijo,


  6. yuka says:

    love these dainty pieces! they are so pretty!


  7. Mars Amora says:

    Very pretty pieces. I really like the ear thread!

  8. Imogen says:

    These photos are stunning!

    http://Www.faux-silk.com x

  9. I love geometric patterns and those are pretty pieces. x

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