25, 04, 2017

Love in the air

The sun’s out and I couldn’t be any happier! I know, I know, here I go again with talking about the weather (I swear I’m not this boring), but in all seriousness the weather really does affect your mood. Since my winter blues has been fading out, it’s been all about enjoying the warm sunshine and bringing back some fun pieces in my wardrobe.

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I hate to be Captain Obvious but it’s 2017. Body shaming or thinking your appearance isn’t good enough should be is a thing of the past. If someone tells you otherwise, and like my mother would say, “to hell with them”. I also know that it’s easier said than done since we’re all still human beings with natural born instincts and inner securities. In all honesty, I’ve been tired of trying to live up to a standard and told myself: It’s time to take the challenge and step outside of your fashion comfort zone for a change.It’s no secret that a lot of women feel some insecurity when it comes to their stomach. Since it’s biologically where we carry the most weight it’s not always the easiest or fastest to tone up for many women — not to say it’s impossible, but it does take a lot of work to get a flat pack and maintain it. I’m totally for self-improvements and having the choice to do whatever you want with your body; and I truly believe any efforts to eating healthy and staying active deserve an applause no matter what level, shape, or form you’re in. That’s why I decided that I need to acknowledge my own efforts and embrace my temple — in other words my body. We’ve all wasted enough time worrying about these demons in our heads telling us otherwise — not to sound preachy, but now is the time to change our thinking.

The vision of crop & denim

You might have seen me wearing crop tops before, but as sad as it’s going to sound, I’ve never dared go out for long in public wearing one. Aside from the beautiful rose embroidery detailing, I specifically chose this Zaful spring piece to kickstart a new me and style. I’m usually a basics/staples kind of girl, but I do think every now and then it’s great to have some fun items to have in your closet that can spice things up, while still be versatile with the rest of your wardrobe. I’ve already been imagining how I can mix and match this white two piece to go with many different looks. Going back to having staples in your wardrobe — the one item that I had on the top of my wishlist was an oversized jean jacket — my wish finally came true! And if you’re still missing some denim to throw over your shoulders, I suggest you go and get yourself a jean jacket now. The looks are endless that you won’t have any regrets.

Wearing: Zaful Embroidered Bowknot Top & Shorts (here) & Denim Boyfriend Jacket (here + great alternative as well here), Zara White Sneakers (alternative).
Check out Zaful white see through dress spring 2017 Promotions as well.

Have you ever challenged any of your body insecurities with fashion?

This post was not sponsored by Zaful — I was kindly sent these products. All opinions are my own.

10 responses to “Love in the air”

  1. Your outfit! These pictures!! You look amazing.


  2. Love this look! The denim and sneakers adds a little edge and comfort to the feminine look of the two piece. And the embellished flowers look so pretty! Love it!



    • Stacey says:

      I love the way heels look but I feel like I just rather be comfortable these days hahah

      • I completely understand! I always see people styling outfits with such cute heels, but all I want to do is wear converse or booties! *hints to boyfriend* “Can you just take a picture of the top half? No don’t show the feet” LOL

  3. Amazing look, I love the combination of denim and the white two piece. And I fully agree with your thoughts on body image although it can be really hard to love your body. But you’re right, it’s time to change our thinking and to let go of the worries about the way we look xx


    • Stacey says:

      Especially with social media, I think there’s a true love and hate relationship with it since you’ll see the ideal body type, but then you’ll also see accounts that are dedicated to making every body count. I’m interested to know what’s in store for the future.

  4. Beautiful photos hun and love the two piece outfit combined with the denim. I agree with you, it really is time we change our thinking and also what others or the world think of us and really and truly embrace our own body. If we don’t, how can anyone else does. Lovely article as always! x Ann-Marie

  5. mizzjblog says:

    Love that you’re doing this! You look stunning and fierce and I love that you aren’t trying to be like everyone else who just flexes and photoshops themselves. You’re REAL 🙂


  6. Jeanne says:

    Cute outfit! Makes me miss summer. We are now the ones experiencing the winter blues in Australia.


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