10, 07, 2012

Makeup Bag Must-Haves For Summer

Like giving yourself a summer vacation – this is a great time for your skin to get some needed rest as well (your skin deserves a vacation too)! Summer makeup is all about “less is more” and being able to expose your natural beauty instead. Here are my picks for summer makeup bag must-haves:

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
If I could have only one eyeshadow palette with me, it would have to be a neutral palette. Neutrals are instant brighteners to your eyes. It never fails to have natural/earthy tones with you in case you end up having some last minute plans and don’t have much time to complete a full new look. Neutrals go with all skin tones and are easy to create simple yet beautiful looks. You can easily turn your day look into a night look using just neutrals.

BB Cream
If you’re not into the heavy feel of foundations or think tinted moisturizers are still too light coverage, BB cream is the way to go. I’ve been using it for years and never looked back. It’s extremely easy to throw on and best of all most of them include an SPF. They may appear light at first but after a few minutes they oxidize to your skin and finish off looking very natural.

Eyebrow Pencil
For those super lazy days where you just don’t feel like wearing makeup – I believe you should at least fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the frames to your face and are what make your natural beauty stand out. For brunettes: your brow pencil should be 2-3 shades lighter than your hair colour, and for blondes: 2 shades darker.

Liquid Liner
Liquid liner can completely change up your look in an instant. Lining as close to your eyelashes as you can will make your lashes appear fuller than they really are. Your eyes will appear more defined and dramatic in a flash. This is my “go to” when I absolutely don’t feel like wearing any eyeshadows. A quick winged cat eye and I’m set to go.

Everyone can agree that sun-kissed bronzy skin is beautiful in the summertime. Bronzer enhances your tan, which leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. It’s best to apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, around your jaw line, and if you’re like me, add a little bit on the sides of your nose to make it appear as if you have a slimmer and more defined nose.

I’m very much a false eyelashes kind of girl, but when going to the beach it is not something I recommend. If you absolutely can’t go without anything on your eyelashes all day, opt for mascara instead.

Lip Balm
This is a must in everyone’s makeup bag. And just like the rest of your body, it’s important to have an SPF in your lip balm as well. It will help protect your lips from the harsh UV rays. I preferably try to stay away from wearing too much lipstick/lip gloss, but if I want some colour I reach for a tinted lip balm.

Press Powder
Shine is bound to happen during the day so having a compact in your bag is a big lifesaver. It’s understandable to not want to wear much makeup in hot/humid weather. If you want to just throw on some press powder and call it a day, by all means do so.

I’m sure we can all relate to having more breakouts in the summertime than in the wintertime. Our sweat can clog up our pores and create these unwanted monsters. They can surface anytime so having concealer in your makeup bag is a great essential to have with you.

And most importantly…

As wonderful as the sun is, protecting your skin is extremely important. Times have changed so it’s possible to find sunscreens in all variations. From non-sticky, spray can, sport, to even a stick form, there is no longer any more excuses to them not fitting in with your personal needs. Sunscreen will help you in the long run from any sun damage, and it also helps to prevent skin cancer. Never ever leave the house without this stuff!

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  1. Naomi says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Naomi x

  2. I love Bahama Mama, it took me almost a year of using it every single day for contouring to hit pan, I couldn’t even believe it. Talk about getting your monies worth!

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