22, 04, 2014

My First Scalp Detox

I’m all for trying out new things in the beauty world- or at least new to us here in North America. We all know that Asia is pretty advance in general, and beauty is no exception. Heathy hair not only starts with your diet but as well as how you take care of your scalp. Over time shampoos, styling products, and chemical services such as colour can clog your pores and create build-up around your hair follicles. This is where the detox comes in!

I was introduced to this service by my manager who happens to be Japanese. She explained to me about this unique service that was not only very popular in Japan, but also in Korea, Singapore, and a few other asian countries. They call this service a “Head Spa”. This is where professionals basically detoxify your scalp by giving it a good clean and creating better blood circulation so that you grow healthy lushes hair. The process is a combination of trained techniques in head massage and by using special products made to nourish your scalp. After hearing about this I was curious!

Luckily I stumbled upon Kara Scalp Detox Salon here in Toronto. I was surprised since I didn’t think we had this type of salon in Canada (I’m pretty sure it is the first and only salon like this here).

So before I get into my experience…

You might be wondering who can benefit from a scalp detox?
Those who…

  • frequently get their hair styled (anyone from TV hosts to models).
  • suffer from thinning hair, hair loss, or damaged hair.
  • have a hard time getting volume in their hair.
  • get stressed out a lot but want to look energized.
  • recently gave birth since hair loss is very common in new moms.
  • are getting married, whether it be the bride or groom.
  • went through chemotherapy or a thyroid treatment.
  • are ordinarily healthy people who like to maintain beautiful healthy hair.

So as I came into Kara’s I was quickly greeted by friendly and welcoming staff.  I was offered a cup of tea since I did run in late and signs of my fumbling around had shown through. Right away they had me seated and the process of analyzing my scalp begun.

Using a piece of equipment that looked liked Clarisonic’s way hotter sister, they had 3 telescopic lenses to analyze my scalp:

Let’s see the damage!

  1. At the top view of my head (looking for balding or anything irregular in the growth pattern of my hair).
  2. Right on the scalp. This is where all the craziness starts. YOU SEE EVERYTHING. It can be quite disturbing at first AND so cool at the same time. This is where you can see each individual strand of hair up close and personal – literally! They said that 2-3 hairs growing in one follicle is a sign of healthy hair. I passed the test (yay!).
  3. The third close-up was right inside the pore. At this point I didn’t know whether to be fascinated or disgusted with the build-up on my scalp. I could feel myself dying a little bit inside from embarrassment. From then on, it became clear that I had the dirtiest scalp in the room!

Once they were done with the analyst, the treatment began. I was seated into a salon chair, told to take off my shoes, and then asked to put my feet into their amazing foot massager. They explained that it was best to have the feet massaged for better blood circulation to the head (fine by me!)

There were 3 different types of liquid treatments as I sat in the salon chair:

This is where the real fun begins.

  1. The first was close to a shampoo consistency but a lot more liquidity (smelled pretty good) , and that was massaged all over the scalp. Since the treatment was so liquidly, the only real worry I had was the fear that my eyebrows would rub off because the liquid tends to drip down lol). And once that was done, I received a very relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Ah.
  2. To be honest I was talking at the time and not sure what this one did or even if there were 3 treatments put on my scalp (lol) but this was a natural smell (close to a teatree oil scent).
  3. The last detox treatment was very tingly and minty fresh to the scalp. Afterwards a head cap and steamer were placed on my head for 10 minutes. At this point I looked like a baker or some big-headed alien.

When time was up, I was brought over to the sink to be washed out. There might have been another treatment put in but I was so relaxed that I didn’t even notice. That’s until I was told the next step might be, “a little bit unpleasant and that it can get messy”. So then a towel was placed on my face. Initially I was confused because I couldn’t figure out what was happening! It felt like a dinosaur sneezed into my hair. As my stylist continued, it was clear that the feeling was high water pressure on my scalp. It was just a little bit discomforting, but not bad at all. My scalp was still so minty from the detox treatment that it was also hard to tell what water temperature was being used on my head, but for the most part it felt cool.

After the wash, I was brought over back to the chair where another treatment- in what looked like an airbrushed pen was applied to my scalp. Then went quickly into a blowdry!

Once the fabulous blow out was done, I went back in for the final scalp analysis! I was astonished by the difference! You can see a HUGE difference:

It’s been a week since my treatment and I notice my scalp is a lot less itchy and even less oily. Would I do it again? Most definitely!

If you live in the area and want to try it out yourself, you are in luck since Kara is having a 40% off promotion right now (contact them for more info).

Kara Scalp Detox Salon
186 Davenport Road
Toronto, M5R 1J2
(416) 887-1345

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  1. Erika says:

    This is both so fascinating and disgusting haha. What a massive difference!

  2. This looks Amazing! I literally hope I can find somewhere that does it in the UK!

  3. I had my scalp detoxified at Lao Fo Ye just last week. I availed their promo first trial at only $38. The promo runs until November 10 this year. It’s pretty amazing too! 🙂 For inquiries, you may call +65 6383 8333.

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