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As you ladies know, bra shopping can be a pain in the derrière. Finding the right size and fit is the biggest challenge especially when surveys have shown that 80 percent of women are already wearing the wrong bra size to begin with. This may seem like a vague study and statement, but I have to agree with it since not all brands are manufactured the same way — so just because you’re one size at one store, doesn’t mean you’re the same at another. A level up from regular bras are the backless bras, which I personally feel that shopping for them are another challenge on their own.

When it comes to special occasions, sometimes your attire is going to require your under garments to be invisible while doing a heavy job behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s not even a special occasion but you’re just tired of having your bra ruin the look of an outfit. Oolala Bra sent over a couple of bras that have been on trend recently for me to try out and my experience with each one of them have been quite interesting.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or perhaps you just happen to have an actual life), you’ve probably already seen or at least heard someone talking about it millions of times already — the infamous drawstring front, strapless, backless, magic push-up, a.k.a. the “Instagram Bra”. This bra has continuously blown up my feed, so when I had the opportunity to try them out I was ecstatic. Oolala Bra was very generous and send over multiple sizes for me to find the exact perfect fit. I do have to admit that it took a few tries to get the bra to do it’s job. I should probably mention though that my ladies aren’t close gal pals and in any of the bras I’ve ever tried on or owned they just have never completely met or kissed — if you know what I’m saying. That being said, I was kind of hoping this bra would do miracles and bring the ladies together in harmony.

Oolala Bra sent over their Magic Shaping Wing Bra in sizes x-small, small, and large to try out — and although in the photos I’m wearing the large since the small was way too small for me, I think a medium would have gotten the “Insta” results that we all see as advertised. Solely from my own assumptions  I believe the bra will work best a size down from your actual bra size. The concept of the bra is very interesting, but as someone with a bit of a bigger set, there’s still some flaws. The bra is very sticky but when trying to figure out the right placement for the cleavage to be poppin’ (just let me live) and having to peel it off again, it loses the stickiness by the time you get there. I have also worn this bra on a hot summer day and once I began to sweat it was starting to loosen on the sides. If we’re excluding the hot days, I still don’t think this is the best bra for women with bigger breasts and fighting with gravity (I’m a 34DD for reference), however I do think it’s best suited for women with a smaller chest.


I’ve always seen these bras when shopping around for the right bra for those special occasions when an invisible bra was needed but was never convinced that they’d do much or anything for me — boy was I wrong! The Second Skin Bra (that’s really what is labeled on the box it comes with) is a silicone sticky bra that I think is perfect for women with a bigger chest. In my opinion, I think it works even better than the Insta-bra since even when I’ve started to sweat a bit it hasn’t budged and continued to give me a natural looking cleavage the entire time I’ve worn it. I also love how the edges of the bra are feathered out so that it almost blends into the skin. I was worried that it wouldn’t hold up nicely since it’s a bit heavier because of the silicone material, but it really has thrown my doubts out the window. Again, I think I could have went a size down for an even better fit, but it still does a wonderful job and holds the ladies in place without having to worry about where the bra is going to travel to.


I call the Miracle Bra the classic backless bra because this is the type of backless bra that will never go out of style or let you down. The cups are exactly the same as to when you would buy with your standard bra, which I find is reassuring. That being said, you can get often little to no cleavage in this type of bra. What I’m going to suggest is most likely not recommended since you can ruin and stretch out your bra, but a trick I do sometimes is that I twist the bra 2-3 times so that the gore (center front of the bra) brings the ladies in closer. The Miracle Bra comes with adhesive wings that can be detached from the bra with it’s Velcro-like pieces that are made very easy to remove and clean. In the box it also comes with optional invisible straps, which at first I didn’t understand too well until I looked at the actual bra and noticed that they have 3 loops on each cup. I think that’s actually pretty genius since I like the idea of attaching the straps from the back for even better support. I also really like the weight of this bra since it’s light, and the fact that it’s actually a fabric material makes it even more comfortable to wear all day.

Have you tried out any of these types of bras, and which ones have been your favourites?

This post was not sponsored by Oolala Bra — I was kindly sent these items. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Velvet Blush says:

    I haven’t tried any of these! I agree, bra shopping can be such a pain sometimes, especially with finding the right size! x

    Velvet Blush

  2. Elisa says:

    Comfy bras are something difficult to find, these seem good ones!
    xx Elisa

  3. barbiegirl06 says:

    I’ve been seeing these all over social media, but I never got a chance to try them out 🙂


  4. Bra shopping is such a pain in the arse! I still haven’t bothered to go out and get a proper size since becoming pregnant and having them grow just the tiniest bit. I love the sounds of the second skin bra, that would be great for strapless dresses for sure and the drawstring bra is super cute!

    • Stacey says:

      Not to be so straightforward but still going to be straightforward always, you’re in the best position right now since your boobs are going to get super big and they’ll look amazing in anything – not that they don’t now! but I’m already jealous lol!

  5. Rita Gallech says:

    This sounds amazing, I am in love


  6. These shots are gorgeous! The angles girl, werk ittttt!!!!!
    And I’ve been super curious about that backless bra. I definitely want one now! It looks much more secure. I have the silicon stickies but sometimes I feel like they don’t give me as much of a “boost’. Definitely need to get me one of those!


    • Stacey says:

      LOL!! These types of posts are a bit rare but I’ve been so curious about this insta bra that I just had to :]. Perhaps if the silicon ones don’t give a boost you will really want to try out the insta bra then! It’s also very lightweight compared to the silicon.

  7. Dasynka says:

    These pics are so delicate 🙂 I saw this bra and think to try it…
    Have a nice day,

  8. Nerdy Maria says:

    Oh, I’ve seen it around alright. It’s EVERYWHERE. I admit, I was very skeptic about that Insta bra as it looked too good to be true but it sounds like it does its job if it’s the right size. I haven’t tried any of these but the silicon one sounds amazing!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Stacey says:

      It’s really funny to have actually hahahah! It’s definitely not a bra for summer though since if you’re sweating suddenly your bra is shifting around…

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